This page describes the procedures that should be followed when making changes to the validation server. Changes that should follow this procedure are:

  • Install/Removal of a package
  • Changes to /etc files
  • Changes to the virtualenv of the production instance
  • Changes to things like cronjobs


  1. Open a bug in the LAVA Lab. Please note to make this a private bug if needed (done by marking it as security vulnerability). In this bug we should try and outline the commands that should be run, so that another person could make the change.

  2. The bug should denote if the change impacts the production instance of LAVA or not.
  3. If this changes requires downtime: TODO - downtime process

  4. If possible, have someone else make the change. You should only make the change yourself if its an urgent matter.
  5. Once the change has been made, add the change to the customizations file. TODO - we need one if not already in place.


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