Validation Lab Access to Calxeda Servers

Access to the Calxeda servers is done via our ssh gateway server. This access can be granted by becoming a member of lava-lab on Launchpad. Once you are member the LAVA team can share the ssh information you'll need to access the box.

Server Information

The calxeda servers are now being used for production services by the Toolchain Working Group, so the information below is FYI only.

Please DO NOT power cycle the servers without asking them first.

To power up, or power cycle the servers:

#For calxeda01:
/usr/share/conmux/drivers/reboot-ap7952 pdu11 02

#For calxeda02
/usr/share/conmux/drivers/reboot-ap7952 pdu11 03

To power them down:

# calxeda01
/usr/share/conmux/drivers/powerdown-ap7952 pdu11 02

# calxeda02
/usr/share/conmux/drivers/powerdown-ap7952 pdu11 03

To look at the node0 serial line

telnet serial4 7032

telnet serial4 7031

Calxeda servers can be managed with a tool called cxmanage which is installed on the ssh gateway.


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