Linaro Evaluation Builds are optimized clones of popular ARM/Linux distributions that come with production quality Board Support for Linaro Member SoC powered Low Cost boards and optimizations from Linaro engineering integrated, including kernel, tools and middleware developed by Working Groups and Landing Teams.

Adoption Requirements

In order to ask Platform Team to adopt a board in its LEB program, there are certain requirements on hardware and enablement level to get started.

  • official low cost development boards with recent member SoC on it
  • large quantities are available to linaro and the public
  • LAVA support and deployment
  • Board available to Platform Engineering
  • Kernel available that meets or has mid term prospect to meet enablement requirements

Note: one or many the adopt requirements above might get temporarily relaxed to allow early ramp up of such boards if there is a plan to mitigate those shortcoming in a defined timeline.

Enablement Requirements


The LEB badge is rewarded for board support packages that meet certain hardware enablement criteria. While the ultimate goal is to require full enablement of the components available on the board, Platform maintains a reduced requirement list that ensures that the landing and platform teams, while being ambitious, can achieve those goals. This list is getting reviewed monthly and changes to this document are called out in Linaro's Executive Member Report.


  • supported by LAVA
    • power on power (PDU)
    • 20 boards in the lab
    • stable (enough) kernel and bootloader for master image use case
  • two boards each for LEB team engineers (Android, Ubuntu)
  • on top, one board for each QA engineer in Platform


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