Portal/IDB/icon-ubuntu-button-128x64.png The Linaro DevPlatform Team is responsible for integrating and delivering ARM and Linaro technology to the GNU/Linux world. Due to its popularity Ubuntu was a natural choice as Linaro's primary Distribution for Linaro GNU/Linux work. As such the DevPlatform Team is tasked to ensure that best-bread ARM and Linaro technology is made readily available for ARM product builders, Developers and Enthusiast on the host side as well as the target side of the GNU/Linux stack.

Ubuntu as a Development Platform

Engineering Efficiency and Developer convenience for ARM technology is key to success for the ARM ecosystem; due to the lack of strong development machines powered by ARM, developers for ARM typically face the fact that they have to develop "cross". To ensure that Developers can still work as efficient as if they were developing for their local machine, it is important that the cross compiling, deployment and debugging tools are coming in an easy to setup and straight forward to use fashion.

To make it more convenient, Linaro DevPlatform Team is tasked to ensure that cross-compiler, emulation, image building and deployment tools on Ubuntu as a Host platform deliver a nicely integrated development experience for ARM development boards and devices. Linaro DevPlatform team is committed to ensure that Ubuntu as a Host Development Platform for ARM has best tools and applications available to make the day by day life of ARM developers easier.

Ubuntu as a Target Platform Distribution

The Linaro DevPlatform Team is tasked to improve Ubuntu as a ARM target distribution to better serves the needs of product builders, Linaro engineering and the Linux/ARM engineering environment.

For product builders and enthusiasts, the LEB/Ubuntu release is probably the most notable deliverable of the DevPlatform Team. The LEB/Ubuntu (or Linaro Evaluation Build for Ubuntu) comes in form of easy to install binary images that can be combined with a variety of Linaro provided board support packages for low-cost ARM boards for modern Linaro Member SoCs.

The LEB/Ubuntu comes with Linaro Engineering Output pre-integrated and hence gives product builders and ARM enthusiast easy access to production quality board support and distribution builds featuring the popular Ubuntu Desktop and Netbook user experience.

  • Linaro Evaluation Build (LEB/Ubuntu): fully hardware enabled and supported distribution clone of the Ubuntu User Experience that gives product builders and innovators a head start when looking for high quality ARM/Linux software for Desktop, Nettops and Netbooks that is augmented with latest Linaro optimizations. LEBs are only released for a set of modern Low Cost Development Boards that based on Linaro Member SoC and that meet high quality, enablement and freshness criteria.

For product builders that do not rely on having a full X11 or don't need a full Ubuntu experience, the headless Nano or X11 ALIP Developer Builds might be the right choice to start integrating a GNU/Linux based embedded solution on.

For embedded developers and linaro core engineering units, Linaros headless DeveloperImage is probably the right choice. This is a Ubuntu derived headless system with development tools for debugging, tracing, remote access, compiling etc. preintegrated.

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