Key Points for wider discussion

  • Point 1
  • Point 2

Team Highlights

  • Include any major updates, good, bad news and issues.
  • Include highlights and lowlights.
    • Hit or missed deadlines.
    • Impact of completed/uncompleted task if relevant.
  • List team milestones (milestone number, title, Planned due date, actual date, notes).
  • The package for KWin (KDE Window manager) is done. It's tested by the graphics team currently.
  • The porting of Smartt-Tool on panda board with 2.6.38 kernel is progressing. The multimedia working group helps on this task.
  • perf is working on panda board. It has been used with latest linux-linaro-2.6.38 kernel with pmu patch.
  • Latest LTTng 0.19.9 is packaged.
  • The investigation on LP bug #771805 "ltrace hangs" started.
  • The works on ARMhf bootstrapping is progressing well.
  • The team prepares for UDS.

Upcoming Deliverables

  • Note any milestones and other big events happening in the next month including deliverables from your team.

Risks / Issues

  • Outline the risks, issues you think might happen and how to mitigate them. Show the impact of the risk.
  • List any issues resolved since the last report.
  • Ageing for issues (number of weeks an issue goes unresolved).
  • pmu patch integration? LP bug #702999


  • New starters, staffing changes.
  • vacations/holidays.
  • links to important info.
  • reminders.

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