Key Points for wider discussion

  • None.

Team Highlights

  • A new ‘work-in-progress’ kernel tree was created to showcase what will become the next packaged kernel from the Developer Platforms team. This contains the current upstream code building for all architectures Linaro currently supports.
  • Multiarch changes that broke dpkh-cross (and the cross-toolchain) were resolved.
  • Due to a high-risk of introducing bugs, all the multiarch libraries that are going in to Ubuntu for this cycle are done.

Upcoming Deliverables

  • New dpkg-cross, multistrap and cross-toolchain to the archive.

Risks / Issues

  • MEDIUM IMPACT: The VExpress Peter Pearse was using is now broken and away being repaired. (2 week).

  • MEDIUM IMPACT: Peter Pearse reports that bootstrapping & making cross-compile patches upstreamable are slowing the rate of package fixing. The (current) alip package list will not be complete for alpha release.

  • MEDIUM IMPACT: Multiarch ppa is currently not devirtualized, so no x86 flash running on arm under qemu yet (1 week).

  • LOW IMPACT: There is not much manual test coverage for U8500, Samsung Orion, iGEPv2, iMX51, Overo hardware


  • None.

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