Key Points for wider discussion

  • New kernel has been packaged and delivered to the archive fixing many bugs.
  • Multi-arch support is now in the archive.

Team Highlights

  • The cross-compiling story continues with Python 2.6 and perl seeing work this week.
  • Work on the cross toolchain integration with multi-arch saw gcc-4.5 and dpkg-cross fixes and work on install-cross-debs and xdeb. A sync has been requested from Debian for a newer version of dpkg-cross (736154).

  • Some U8500 work was done on u-boot to incorporate recent feedback

Upcoming Deliverables

  • Note any milestones and other big events happening in the next month including deliverables from your team.

Risks / Issues

  • MEDIUM IMPACT: The VExpress Peter Pearse was using is now broken and away being repaired. (1 week).

  • MEDIUM IMPACT: Peter Pearse reports that bootstrapping & making cross-compile patches upstreamable are slowing the rate of package fixing. The (current) alip package list will not be complete for alpha release.

  • LOW IMPACT: Multiarch has broken a few unexpected packages such as cmake, apt and linaro-image-tools. These are being worked on.

  • LOW IMPACT: There is not much manual test coverage for U8500, Samsung Orion, iGEPv2, iMX51, Overo hardware


  • Tom Gall March 30th.
  • Kunal Goel 18th to 22nd March.

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