Key Points for wider discussion

  • lttng changes to the kernel currently break OMAP4, a fix is needed soon.

Team Highlights

  • lttng has been packaged into the kernel tree. It is reported working on on i.MX51 and OMAP3 but fails on OMAP4, in fact it breaks OMAP4 even when not enabled. Avik Sil is investigating.
  • Temporary 2.6.38 kernel has been created as John Rigby stages some changes before they go into Nicolas' tree. This can be found at:
  • Support for the ST-E U8500 HREF board has been enabled in u-boot-linaro-next. After a round of feedback from the ST-E Landing Team this work will be pushed upstream.
  • linaro-graphical-engineering and linaro-multimedia-engineering are being built again.
  • Work continues on xdeb with some dependency graphing issues fixed.
  • Cross-toolchain glibc patches sent to the debian-glibc mailing list for review.
  • Initial multiarch support has landed in the Ubuntu archive. /lib/ is no more! dpkg, apt, gcc, eglibc, debhelper, pkg-config, cdbs all got pushed.
  • The latest upstream branch of ltrace has been merged into ubuntu/natty/ltrace to enable Thumb-2 support.

Upcoming Deliverables

  • Beta Freeze 2011-03-24
  • New build of Linaro Linux kernel
  • systemtap v1.3 + cherry-picked fixes
  • apt fixes to Ubuntu
  • New dpkg to Ubuntu that implements support for the final multi-arch library paths

Risks / Issues

  • MEDIUM IMPACT: Peter Pearse reports that bootstrapping & making cross-compile patches upstreamable are slowing the rate of package fixing. The (current) alip package list will not be complete for beta freeze

  • LOW IMPACT: Multiarch has broken a few unexpected packages such as cmake, apt and linaro-image-tools. These are being worked on.

  • LOW IMPACT: There is not much manual test coverage for U8500, Samsung Orion, iGEPv2, iMX51, Overo hardware


  • None.

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