Key Points for wider discussion

  • The process to produce and upstream ALIP cross-compile fixes is slow, what can we do to speed this up?
  • Multi-arch changes are still landing to the Ubuntu archive, lots of testing is needed here.
  • Panda display issues are now resolved so more testing of images on the Panda board is possible.
  • The Nano image needs to be slimmed down further. Tom has proposed some changes but others need to review and comment on them.

Team Highlights

  • LTTng 0.245 has been ported to the linux-linaro-2.6.38 kernel. The changes are available at:;a=summary

  • Work continues on parts of kdelibs with the GL dependancy removed from libplasma and kdebase-window-manager updated.
  • After many investigations the Panda non-display issue (bug:728603) has a fix. A config option change will enable the display to work with a knock-on effect of other bugs such as bug:720055 also being resolved.
  • A thumb2 enabled kernel build has been turned on after work by both the Kernel Working Group and the Developer Platform team.
  • Linaro's smallest full image, Nano, got reduced in size to 125mb installed. Proposed changes to eventually get closer to the 64mb installed target are currently in discussion.
  • libjpeg-turbo got further work this week as lintian errors were fixed.
  • Several more packages have been fixed for cross-compilation in the Ubuntu archive.
  • dpkg support for multiarch library installation is in the Ubuntu archive but needs another upload due to changes in the planned dpkg database format. There has also been some patches submitted to apt for the major multiarch blocker bugs as the team continue towards a true multi-arch solution.
  • Cross toolchain packages got reuploaded to the archive fixing recent issues.

Upcoming Deliverables

  • Beta Freeze 2011-03-24
  • New build of Linaro Linux kernel
  • systemtap v1.3 + cherry-picked fixes
  • apt fixes to Ubuntu
  • New dpkg to Ubuntu that implements support for the final multi-arch library paths

Risks / Issues

  • MEDIUM IMPACT: Peter Pearce reports that bootstrapping & making cross-compile patches upstreamable are slowing the rate of package fixing. The (current) alip package list will not be complete for beta freeze

  • LOW IMPACT: All multiarch work is landing past feature-freeze. Requires exception approval from the Ubuntu and Linaro release teams.


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