Key Points for wider discussion

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Team Highlights

  • Kernel packages updated to 2.6.38rc6 with the latest changes from the Linaro kernel tree
    • will be included in daily hardware packs by the end of the week
  • LTTng userspace tools added to the developer image in response to successful testing
  • Emdebian sprint in Cambridge this week, with several of the Developer Platform team in attendance to work together with Debian developers on topics around Linaro and Debian
    • Agreement has emerged to use the Linaro cross-toolchain packaging as the preferred Emdebian cross-compiler (gcc source will still be based on the Debian branch by preference, currently FSF GCC rather than Linaro GCC)
  • Contending with video output bugs on Panda that break booting of images; video disabled temporarily for omap4 as a workaround.
  • Qt packages for armel using gles2 instead of opengl are in preparation
    • discussion ongoing with Ubuntu ARM team to see what needs to happen to get these into the Ubuntu archive for this cycle

Upcoming Deliverables

  • Feature Freeze in effect after Thursday, Feb 24
  • dpkg multiarch support to be merged soon

Risks / Issues

  • apt multiarch implementation does not comply with the multiarch spec; no committment from apt developers on resolution of the bugs
  • library paths for multiarch libraries are not yet set in stone
  • lttng kernel patch set not available for 2.6.38rc6; no committment from upstream to provide this


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