Key Points for wider discussion

  • None

Team Highlights

  • Packaged mainline Linaro kernels now available in Ubuntu natty for ST-E u8500 and Samsung s5pv310
  • LTTng-capable kernel tested on BeagleBoard xM; lttng patches proposed for merge to Linaro kernel for 11.05

  • 'headless' evaluation image superseded by nano and developer images
  • Packaging of the meego software stack deemphasized by the graphics wg in light of recent news; packaging efforts refocused on kwin

Upcoming Deliverables

  • Update to Linux 2.6.38 expected this week
  • multiarch support to land in dpkg at the end of February
    • discussion of the radical change in filesystem layout being discussed with the larger Linux community
  • Ubuntu-based linaro-desktop evaluation build delayed due to configuration questions; will replace linaro-netbook-efl this week or early next

Risks / Issues

  • progress on multiarch support in dpkg reveals a number of bugs in the existing apt implementation that will need to be sorted out for this cycle
  • other distributions may still choose not to endorse the multiarch path change, resulting in divergence from the FHS that harms the cross-platform viability of the hard-float port



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