Investigate the ubuntu validation suite and adapt for use in Linaro.

Release Note


More test is always a good thing as long as the testsuite can be adapted for linaro use reasonably and the test themselves aren't overly burdensome for setup/execution/reporting.

User stories

Nancy wants to have a better feel for the reliability of the LEB ubuntu-desktop image.


Testcases are in the form of some set of suite.

Testcases are able to roll up states and have a reasonable reporting mechanism that can connect into the Linaro infrastructure.

Testcases are mostly automated.


  • TBD


  • TBD, hopefully very little.

UI Changes

  • TBD, hopefully none

Code Changes

  • TBD, hopefully little if not none.

Test/Demo Plan

  • TBDjan

Unresolved issues

  • existence of testsuite, where is it?

LDS Session Notes

  • No session was held.

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