Describe the Ubuntu LEB release process for 11.11.

Release Note


Have a proper release process for 11.11 documented at the Linaro wiki, to be consumed by users, developers, product owners and project managers.

User stories

  1. As the product owner I'd like to have the release process and milestones for Ubuntu LEB 11.11 documented and available at the Linaro wiki.
  2. As a SoC and board vendor I'd like to know the process to make my board supported officially by the Ubuntu LEB provided by Linaro.
  3. As a SoC and board vendor I'd like to know the process to make new hwpack updates available for the users.
  4. As a platform developer I'd like to know about the development process used during the cycle.
  5. As the product owner I'd like to know about how the images and boards are tested and validated during the development cycle.
  6. As the release manager I'd like to know about the communication process for every release during the complete cycle.


  • The Ubuntu Release Cycle is fixed at 6 months
  • Members have landing teams that provide and upstream BSP support



The release process will be implemented in the wiki.

UI Changes


Code Changes



Test/Demo Plan

Unresolved issues

LDS Session Notes

Ubuntu LEB Process:
- Kernel, see if we need to add sauce on it
- Apparmor should stay
- But we should be able to turn most of the things off

Out of the cycle hwpack update:
Board rating:
- Once we have build releases
- Weekly should be enough (for weekly builds)
- Using with montly releases

Kernel update:
- Agree with working groups
- Should have one week for testing
- Report back to the landing team to get the bugs fixes
- Check if the validation tree is actually planning to test kernel daily

- see when they are planning to release stuff
- to check with our images

Testing, Validation:
- Going with daily images or weekly releases

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