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  • Announcements - Tech Lead/PM
  • Actions from last meeting - Tech Lead chasing
  • Roadmap card status: blocked work, problems, risks - Tech Lead, Project Manager
  • Blueprint status/progress - Project Manager, team members
  • Engineering Review for the active cycle - All team members
  • Any Other Business (AOB)

Past Action items

  • Last weeks action items to discuss.

Action Items

  • Action items that came out of this weeks meeting.

Engineers Reports

Riku Voipio <suihkulokki>


  • Packaged task-placement tests
  • Patched bootwrapper for big.LITTLE mp
  • Ubuntu big.LITTLE mp images now done (still waiting for kernel update for right dtb file)


  • Planning for Linaro Connect ?
  • ARMv8 build failure investigations?

Andrey Konovalov <andrey_konovalov>


  • llct has been moved to v3.6 and big.LITTLE MP V9, no multiplaform topic anymore.
  • Tried merging the stable updates into llc-3.4: two merge conflicts (one due to an ancient commit in Android topic obsoleted by a recent and more correct change in the mainline; the other one is trivial). I.e. merge conflicts here are more rare than the llct topic changes breaking the things. Need code review, CI testing etc to keep llc-3.4 in good shape.
  • Found the root cause of the dtb blob missing from the Origen hwpack created Linux Linaro Tracking CI project. Could be fixed by hacking the builddeb script in the linux-linaro tree.


  • Have a better defined (more formal and more strict) process for the 12.10 linux-linaro stuff and the 12.10 plans (v3.6 base, dropping the multiplatform topic, switching from defconfigs to config fragments in the ci jobs completely etc) posted to linaro-dev ml. Start using launchpad's bugs when adding fixes to the linux-linaro.
  • Fix (or mark as won't fix) llct compilation errors (reveal in kernels built from config fragments)
  • Publish llc-3.4 with v3.4.12 merged.
  • Create a linaro-ci bug on switching the relevant Linux Linaro Tracking CI projects (all) to relevant kernel config fragments. Discuss the action plan with Deepti.
  • Think about better tracking of the recorded resolutions applied automatically by git when creating the linux-linaro* trees.
  • Make snowball to boot and run the basic tests in LAVA
  • Monitor linux-linaro ci testing results, address the issues.


Wookey <wookey>


  • Aarch64 bootstrapping in Quantal
  • Filed 23 autoconf update bugs in unstable/quantal
  • Multiarch-built first ~10 packges for aarch64 - discussed dose3 issues with upstream
  • Worked on quantal packaged aarch64 cross-toolchain. binutils:OK, kernel-3.5.0: builds suitable source, gcc-4.7:done, not tested, eglibc: 2.15 doesn't work with gcc4.7, so updating to 2.16
  • Discussion with perl upstream on XS module crossing
  • Got reasonably reliable answer about what arm64 stuff is public.


  • Try to finish cross-toolchain packages
  • Cross-build perl for aarch64


  • An awful lot of things to fix by connect...

Your Name <irc nick>


  • Short bullet points of work you've done that week which convey progress and highlights which can be used to report on how the team is progressing as a whole.


  • Your individual plans for the coming week(s).


  • Your individual issues for the coming week(s).

IRC logs

Meeting started by fabo at 14:03:33 UTC. The full logs are available at .

Meeting summary

  • no actions from last meeting (fabo, 14:04:21)
  • 12.10 cycle (fabo, 14:05:23)

  • AOB (fabo, 14:31:07)

    • ACTION: jcrigby/rsalveti to update their engineering reports (fabo, 14:31:35)

    • ACTION: rsalveti/dzin to sync about Dev Platform sessions at Connect (fabo, 14:36:13)

Meeting ended at 14:36:43 UTC.

Action items

  • jcrigby/rsalveti to update their engineering reports
  • rsalveti/dzin to sync about Dev Platform sessions at Connect

Action items, by person

  • dzin
    • rsalveti/dzin to sync about Dev Platform sessions at Connect
  • jcrigby
    • jcrigby/rsalveti to update their engineering reports
  • rsalveti
    • jcrigby/rsalveti to update their engineering reports
    • rsalveti/dzin to sync about Dev Platform sessions at Connect

People present (lines said)

  • fabo (49)
  • jcrigby (10)
  • andrey_konovalov (9)
  • suihkulokki (8)
  • dzin (4)
  • linarobot (4)
  • rsalveti (0)

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