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  • Announcements - Tech Lead/PM
    • dzin on vacation today and tomorrow
  • Actions from last meeting - Tech Lead chasing
  • Roadmap card status: blocked work, problems, risks - Tech Lead, Project Manager
  • Blueprint status/progress - Project Manager, team members
  • Engineering Review for the active cycle - All team members
  • Bug Review per Board - All team member
  • Any Other Business (AOB)

Past Action items

  • dzin to check on status of distributed freescale boards: DONE.
    • If there is a community resource that wants to work on them, they can have them, otherwise leave them where they are, it costs more to ship them elsewhere.
  • jcrigby to get accessories (lcd and usb ethernet) to properly support origen
  • dzin to see if we have a lcd around for origen and send it to jcrigby: DONE
    • Talk to B. Park from Samsung for these
  • rsalveti to add a topic at our weekly irc meeting to cover bug-review per board owner - DONE

Action Items

  • Action items that came out of this weeks meeting.

Engineers Reports

Ricardo Salveti <rsalveti>


  • Getting the OE based builds to work
  • Reduced lamp OE build
  • Fixing Quantal based images
  • Porting hwpacks from ti's lt to v3
  • Updating kernel packages


  • Closing down the OE card for armv7


  • Quarter's close down date is in the middle of the final cycle

John Rigby <jcrigby>


  • Worked on u-boot usb issue with usb booting and then added workaround to usbboot utility
  • Worked on a u-boot update for ubuntu
  • Still working on ci
  • Added recipe for packaging usbboot utility that publishes to kernel ppa


  • Push u-boot update for ubuntu
  • Finish kernel ci


  • None

Andrey Konovalov <andrey_konovalov>


  • Vacations from July 30 to August 5
  • CI testing in LAVA: ltp and pwrmgmt LAVA tests were run and mostly passed on Panda, Beagle hangs in the middle of booting the ll kernel, Origen needed updated hwpacks to be published to slo (rsalvety should have fixed that), Vexpress failed to boot the 12.07 kernel for some reason (console output stops after uboot passes control to the linux kernel).
  • Minor enhancement to the (--no-tagging option added)
  • No llct topics have been updated after 12.07. There was even a case when the topic owner get his code into the mainline, but haven't touched his llct topic. This prevents me from moving llct to v3.6-rcX.


  • Continue fixing the linux-linaro CI builds and tests. The tests should provide the relevant coverage for the ll and the llt trees
  • Ensure that the llct topics are ok to move to v3.6. After that move llct to v3.6-rc1 (and v3.6-rc2 after it is out).
  • linux-linaro script improvements: implement skipping topics which has conflicts w/o known solutions
  • Start using daily cron jobs to get the information on the remote branches updates, and to rebuild the llt and the llct trees.
  • Schedule a few days off in the 1st week of September (after the 12.08 release)?


  • LAVA isn't quite working today. A lot of "Incomplete" jobs (they stop immediately after the start, and the job summary page is not accessible: "500 Internal Server Error. Oops, something has gone wrong!")

Your Name <irc nick>


  • Short bullet points of work you've done that week which convey progress and highlights which can be used to report on how the team is progressing as a whole.


  • Your individual plans for the coming week(s).


  • Your individual issues for the coming week(s).

IRC logs

Meeting started by rsalveti at 14:04:21 UTC. The full logs are available at .

Meeting summary

Meeting ended at 15:06:34 UTC.

Action items

  • rsalveti to follow up with B. Park to see if jcrigby can get the lcd set for origen

Action items, by person

  • jcrigby
    • rsalveti to follow up with B. Park to see if jcrigby can get the lcd set for origen
  • rsalveti
    • rsalveti to follow up with B. Park to see if jcrigby can get the lcd set for origen

People present (lines said)

  • rsalveti (119)
  • asac (24)
  • andrey_konovalov (16)
  • fabo (14)
  • jcrigby (11)
  • mattwaddel (3)
  • linarobot (3)
  • ubot2 (2)

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