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Getting Started

We also maintain a set of how-to's related to cross-compiling


Out primary goal is to provide a common platform to use as the basis for Validation test heads and optimized hardware-specific builds. We work with a few teams to help make this happen:

Meeting Information

  • We have weekly meetings that anyone can attend. You can view the schedule and see logs of past meetings here.

  • We also meet face-to-face at Linaro Connect events.



  • Actions from last meeting
  • Engineer progress reports - All team members
  • Work Item Progress and Team Issues discussion - Ricardo
  • Any other business (AOB)

Past Action Items

* rsalveti to ping asac about getting for some of the team

Action Items

People present (lines said)

Engineers Reports

Your Name <your nick>




John Rigby <jcrigby>


  • Updated the packaged TILT kernel to the new 3.0-rc7 version and pushed to linaro-maintainers kernel ppa.
  • Worked on latest U-Boot SPL without much success. Have had discussions with Aneesh at TI. He thinks there may be SDRAM init issues.
  • Tried out latest ARM DS-5 debugger with DStream and ran into problems with Panda debugging. Sent debug trace to Pawell who is entering bug.


  • Push packaged versions of linux-linaro and TILT kernels once they have gone final.
  • Continue trying to get U-Boot SPL to work.


  • U-Boot SPL is broken for me on Panda and debugging it is not possible with OpenOCD and Flyswatter or DS-5 and DStream. Maybe my Panda has issues?

Riku Voipio <suihkulokki>


  • Created preliminary multiarch cross-compile instructions; Platform/DevPlatform/CrossCompile/UsingMultiArch
  • Worked on fixing gcc multiarch search paths
  • Fixed flex to be more multiarch friendle
  • WiP on other packages (at, cron, zlib) to make them multiarch ready.


  • Work with more libraries for multiarch
  • Debconf!

Avik Sil <aviksil>


  • Created lava-test test definitions for smem and bootchart, though bootchart is still WIP
  • They are pushed to lp:~aviksil/lava-test/new-test-definitions
  • Discussed with zyga and plars on how to add attachment in lava-test as part of the test results, so far the feature is not available
  • Got script from rsalveti to get boot time from bootchart logs, thanks to rsalveti
  • It's pushed to lp:~linaro-foundations/lava-test/bootchartscript
  • Was off on 15th


  • Start integrating xrestop in LAVA
  • Work on making the results available on

Tom Gall <Dr_Who>


  • Live-build3
    • added support for multistrap
    • added support for using of qemu-static for cross build situations
    • have been able to run a build start to finish with a tarball successfully generated (developer config)
    • a number of things hacked / bandaided yet but things are solidly underway
  • libjpeg-turbo
    • setup x86_64 vm natty install to get building for the desired android demo
    • sent Zach building log from on ubuntu as well as fully configured sources
    • first introductory post made to libjpeg-developers list


  • figure out why named pkgs aren't getting installed into cross live-build3
  • test boot live-build3 cross output once all expected packages are there
  • get more image variations able to build cross successfully
  • get a little time into adb blueprint
  • get libjpeg-turbo building on android for Zach and company


  • stock android build fails on my x86_64 maverick install

Ricardo Salveti <rsalveti>



  • Linaro Connect
  • Release
  • Help preparing the demo for ARM at 8 Aug

Meeting Summary


rsalveti: #startmeeting
[09:02am] rsalveti: #link
[09:02am] rsalveti: #topic Past action items
[09:03am] rsalveti: #info * rsalveti to ping asac about getting for some of the team: INPROGRESS
[09:03am] rsalveti: still need to wait asac to get back from vac
[09:03am] rsalveti: what should happen next week
[09:03am] rsalveti: that's all for this week 
[09:03am] rsalveti: #topic Engineer progress reports
[09:04am] rsalveti: $ echo $(shuf -e hrw jcrigby wookey aviksil Dr_Who suihkulokki rsalveti)
[09:04am] rsalveti: suihkulokki Dr_Who hrw jcrigby aviksil rsalveti wookey
[09:04am] rsalveti: let's go!
[09:04am] rsalveti: suihkulokki: you can start
[09:04am] suihkulokki: Eek
[09:04am] suihkulokki: most importantly worked on multiarch crosscompiling:
[09:06am] suihkulokki: also, submitted patch for splitting flex to flex and libfl-dev to help using flex with multiarch
[09:06am] suihkulokki: last comment
[09:06am] suihkulokki: the work on making gcc search multiarch paths is still in progress
[09:07am] suihkulokki: And on weekend I'm heading to debconf to talk various maintainers in accepting their multiarch patches 
[09:07am] rsalveti: cool, great progress
[09:07am] wookey: yep - good stuff
[09:08am] rsalveti: questions?
[09:08am] wookey: I'll save mine for next week 
[09:08am] rsalveti: suihkulokki: great, nice work and have a nice trip to debconf 
[09:08am] rsalveti: Dr_Who: your turn!
[09:08am] suihkulokki: thanks 
[09:10am] Dr_Who: okie ...  biggest accomplishment of the week is I now have live-build3 able to cross build root file systems.  on my core 2 duo lenovo, the developer build takes about 5-10 minutes  on the build machines 35
[09:10am] Dr_Who: there's a number of bandaids/hacks in there to make it work yet but I think with expert assistance from wookey those will disappear
[09:11am] Dr_Who: beyond that some little things but no point replicating what is already on the weekly status page
[09:11am] rsalveti: Dr_Who: yeah, good work on that
[09:11am] rsalveti: Dr_Who: anything to report on libjeg-turbo side?
[09:12am] rsalveti: Dr_Who: did anyone find any issue with the desktop image when using the libjeg-turbo
[09:12am] Dr_Who: I haven't seen any issues logged with libjpeg-turbo in our images
[09:12am] Dr_Who: but that doesn't suggest that vast testing was completed either ...
[09:13am] Dr_Who: really the next focus item for libjpeg-turbo is on android in support of this august demo
[09:13am] Dr_Who: that'll be my day today
[09:14am] rsalveti: Dr_Who: how that's going?
[09:14am] Dr_Who: I just started
[09:15am] rsalveti: Dr_Who: good luck on that 
[09:15am] Dr_Who: o ... random trivia : found this this morning
[09:15am] Dr_Who: note the SGX arch guide for developers
[09:16am] rsalveti: cool, did you point for the gwg people?
[09:16am] rsalveti: guess alf_ would be interested on that, if he never saw it before
[09:16am] Dr_Who: not directly tho I did drop it into #linaro ... but yeah if they haven't seen it I'm sure they'll want to!
[09:17am] rsalveti: Dr_Who: thanks for the report
[09:17am] rsalveti: questions?
[09:17am] rsalveti: hrw should be back next monday
[09:17am] rsalveti: jcrigby: your turn!
[09:17am] jcrigby: ok
[09:18am] jcrigby: tried to work on u-boot spl stuff but had issues
[09:18am] jcrigby: ran into deadends trying both openocd/flyswatter and ds-5/DStream
[09:19am] jcrigby: seems my pandaboard does not do jtag or something
[09:19am] wookey: nah - that's just the normal joy of JTAG 
[09:19am] jcrigby: sent debug trace to pawel at arm so they can try figure out the problem
[09:19am] wookey: 17 different ways to not work
[09:19am] jcrigby:
[09:19am] rsalveti: hm, don't know about anyone who got jtag working with panda already
[09:19am] rsalveti: maybe agreen would know it
[09:19am] jcrigby: actually omapzoom has a page that implies it works
[09:20am] jcrigby: and the ds-5 has a board config
[09:20am] wookey: I've seen discussion on the openocd list, so I assumed it was working
[09:20am] jcrigby: so it should work
[09:20am] jcrigby: yes I have also
[09:20am] wookey: but I've not actualy tried on mine
[09:21am] jcrigby: if nothing else I will bring my set up to linaro event and debug there
[09:21am] jcrigby: back to spl
[09:21am] jcrigby: aneesh has done most dev on the sdp board so he is going to try panda tomorrow
[09:21am] rsalveti: jcrigby: maybe we'll have some luck then 
[09:21am] jcrigby: yes
[09:21am] jcrigby: on packaging
[09:22am] rsalveti: but well, at least the patches are almost ready for upstream it seems
[09:22am] jcrigby: I did a test build of a snapshot of the tilt kernel a few days ago and pushed to a ppa
[09:22am] jcrigby: yes spl is proceeding well, just not quite there
[09:22am] jcrigby: waiting for nico to release a kernel
[09:23am] rsalveti: jcrigby: great, yeah, guess a lot of packaging work then
[09:23am] rsalveti: jcrigby: probably for tomorrow
[09:23am] rsalveti: get ready 
[09:23am] jcrigby: read on lkml earlier that linus will release 3.0 for real today
[09:23am] jcrigby: yes
[09:23am] rsalveti: jcrigby: that would be the perfect timing
[09:23am] jcrigby: thats it
[09:24am] rsalveti: jcrigby: great, let's coordinate tomorrow to get the packages out, if possible
[09:24am] jcrigby: the jtag mess was actually good, I think once I get it working it will be useful for future dev
[09:24am] jcrigby: sure
[09:24am] rsalveti: jcrigby: as the idea is to make the RC release by tomorrow my EOD
[09:24am] jcrigby: I will do test builds today so it will just be a rebase later
[09:24am] rsalveti: jcrigby: sure, let's make sure you can solve the jtag issues at connect
[09:24am] rsalveti: when a lot of folks from arm will be there
[09:24am] jcrigby: yes that is on my list
[09:25am] rsalveti: jcrigby: nice, thanks for the report!
[09:25am] jcrigby: and also I asked pavell if he could do some ds-5 in command line mode training
[09:25am] rsalveti: questions?
[09:25am] rsalveti: jcrigby: yeah, would also be interested on that
[09:25am] rsalveti: I don't know much about ds-5 still
[09:26am] rsalveti: aviksil: you 
[09:26am] aviksil: ok
[09:26am] aviksil: Created lava-test test definitions for smem and bootchart, though bootchart is still WIP
[09:26am] aviksil: They are pushed to lp:~aviksil/lava-test/new-test-definitions
[09:26am] aviksil: Discussed with zyga and plars on how to add attachment in lava-test as part of the test results, so far the feature is not available
[09:26am] aviksil: Got script to get boot time from bootchart logs, thanks to rsalveti 
[09:26am] aviksil: It's pushed to lp:~linaro-foundations/lava-test/bootchartscript
[09:27am] zyga: aviksil, we'll add that early in 2011.07 cycle
[09:27am] aviksil: zyga: cool 
[09:27am] rsalveti: great 
[09:27am] aviksil: zyga: in 2011.08?
[09:28am] plars: yes
[09:28am] aviksil: ok
[09:28am] plars: aviksil: is it done? does it work?
[09:28am] zyga: er 2011.08 right 
[09:28am] aviksil: plars: which one?
[09:29am] plars: aviksil: either, both? 
[09:29am] aviksil: plars: smem works
[09:29am] aviksil: bootchart is wip
[09:29am] aviksil: shall i set branch reviewer?
[09:29am] plars: aviksil: ok, please just push a merge proposal with reviewer set to ~linaro-validation when you are ready
[09:29am] aviksil: plars: ok, will do that asap
[09:30am] plars: thanks 
[09:30am] rsalveti: aviksil: nice progress, guess you're our lava expert now 
[09:30am] plars: \o/
[09:30am] zyga:
[09:30am] aviksil: rsalveti: ha ha. still lacking on python 
[09:30am] plars: rsalveti: that means I can assign him work items on lava now right?
[09:31am] rsalveti: plars: well, if he's ok with that? 
[09:31am] rsalveti: aviksil: thanks for the report
[09:31am] aviksil: plars: rsalveti, i'm ok 
[09:31am] robher left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[09:31am] rsalveti: any other question?
[09:32am] rsalveti: ok, my turn
[09:32am] rsalveti: finished planning page for 11.07 release
[09:32am] rsalveti: the only things that are not yet tracked there are the cross build work, but that will change for 11.08 
[09:32am] wookey: damn.
[09:33am] • wookey was enjoying being under radar
[09:33am] rsalveti: wookey: 
[09:33am] wookey: this is not the cross-building work you are looking for 
[09:33am] rsalveti: sent one email for wookey on how we should move with the cross work, hope he's ok 
[09:34am] rsalveti: wookey: let me know if there's any suggestion from your side before you disappear, please
[09:34am] rsalveti: usual FTBFS report and a few fixes
[09:34am] wookey: sorry yes - I've not properly reviewed that
[09:34am] rsalveti: I'm planning on bringing a FTBFS page showing the bugs and status
[09:34am] liuyq left the chat room. (Quit: 离开)
[09:35am] rsalveti: something like
[09:35am] rsalveti: now that I know enough about launchpadlib
[09:35am] rsalveti: suihkulokki: then it should make the ftbfs experience better
[09:35am] rsalveti: and easier for people working on it
[09:36am] rsalveti: while experimenting with launchpadlib I created a script to generate the PPA changelog:
[09:36am] rsalveti: that should help our usual weekly testing
[09:36am] rsalveti: now that we can point what changed over the time
[09:36am] rsalveti: and X-loader fixes, patches are now upstream and new package was uploaded
[09:37am] rsalveti: seems there was some regressions with overo, being worked on
[09:37am] wookey: FTBFS for everything, or base packages, or amrhf packages or cross-builds?
[09:37am] rsalveti: wookey: FTBFS for armel and armhf 
[09:37am] rsalveti: and for packages that affects arm-only
[09:37am] rsalveti: I'm not interested in ftbfs that affects all archs
[09:38am] wookey: OK. does ubutu not have per-arch FTBFS info already?
[09:38am] rsalveti: wookey: yup, but if you check that page you'll see that there's more info about the bugs
[09:38am] rsalveti: wookey: like current status, age, last time someone worked on it and such
[09:38am] rsalveti: wookey: just because launchpad search sucks hard
[09:38am] wookey: OK. I get it
[09:39am] wookey: true 
[09:39am] rsalveti: bug 810750 fixed, images should show as 11.07 already
[09:39am] ubot2: Launchpad bug 810750 in linaro-ubuntu "Still identifies itself as 11.06" [High,Fix released]
[09:39am] rsalveti: and for next week need to finish connect planning
[09:39am] rsalveti: and also planning for 11.08
[09:40am] rsalveti: there's going to be a demo at ARM on 8 aug, and agreen should be helping us demonstrating unity-3d
[09:40am] rsalveti: that's it
[09:40am] rsalveti: questions?
[09:40am] wookey: Do you ever sleep?
[09:41am] aviksil: nice question 
[09:41am] rsalveti: wookey: I try not to 
[09:41am] rsalveti: it's the brazilian coffee
[09:41am] wookey: well, it seems to be working
[09:41am] rsalveti:
[09:41am] rsalveti: wookey: your turn!
[09:42am] wookey: Merged Colin's xdeb packaging changes, with latest bugfixes.
[09:42am] wookey: Uploaded latest xdeb to PPA,
[09:42am] wookey: Just before rsalvetti made us a new team tools PPA
[09:42am] wookey: Some bootstrapping work on dpkg-dev tools
[09:42am] wookey: Some OSS licencing stuff within ARM (they put me on the 'how the hell does free software work' committee)
[09:42am] wookey: Otherwise ran about a lot trying to get things ready for 3 weeks away and got remarkably little real work done: Travel arrangements, some GSOC time, new GPG key, some ARM admin, a lot of window specifications, questions coming from Debcamp, emergency shipping lost power drills to Austria, etc, etc. Took a day off to stop pretending I was working 
[09:42am] wookey: ravelling tomorrow. So might get some work done on train...
[09:42am] jserv-- left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
[09:42am] wookey: And I still didn;t get much sleep 
[09:43am] wookey: that's all
[09:44am] rsalveti: wookey: yeah, we should discuss later on how much time ARM is consuming with extra activities
[09:44am] rsalveti: and how to improve it, if possible
[09:44am] rsalveti: wookey: but great progress in general
[09:45am] rsalveti: let's see how debconf discussions will follow
[09:45am] wookey: Yep - i expect much productive discussion next week
[09:45am] wookey: Everyone is headed in same direction, we just have to work out what to do and order to do it (and actually do it 
[09:46am] rsalveti: wookey: SteveMcIntyre seems to get almost everything needed to make the cross build/bootstrap work for armhf
[09:46am] rsalveti: yeah
[09:46am] wookey: well, or we discovered everyone hates our crazy ideas 
[09:46am] rsalveti: great
[09:46am] wookey: yes, it does actually work OK
[09:46am] wookey: more-or-less
[09:46am] wookey: but there are a lot of ugly corners...
[09:46am] rsalveti: yeah
[09:47am] rsalveti: hopefully to get better over the time
[09:47am] rsalveti: multiarch is here to save us for the cross work
[09:47am] rsalveti: and then we need to fix the bootstrap one
[09:47am] rsalveti: we'll see 
[09:47am] rsalveti: as long as we produce something for other people to consume at the same time, we should be fine
[09:48am] rsalveti: and that's why getting alip to cross build, even when using a ppa should work for us
[09:48am] wookey: indeed
[09:48am] rsalveti: then at the same time we fix upstream and once we jump to use oneiric it'll be easier
[09:48am] rsalveti: ok, moving
[09:48am] rsalveti: #topic Work Item Progress and Team Issues discussion
[09:48am] robher joined the chat room.
[09:49am] rsalveti: #link
[09:49am] rsalveti: please, everyone, go over your blueprints and make sure they are all updated with your latest status
[09:49am] • Dr_Who notes unfortunate label placement
[09:49am] rsalveti: #action everyone to go to and make sure the blueprints are showing the latest work status
[09:50am] wookey: you mean key placement.
[09:50am] wookey: legend
[09:50am] rsalveti: I know there are still quite a few WI to get done, but I believe most will get done by tomorrow and monday
[09:50am] wookey: comedy shape of burndown chart 
[09:50am] rsalveti: once we get the deliverables from other WG
[09:50am] rsalveti: wookey: yeah 
[09:50am] rsalveti: 11.08 will be better
[09:51am] rsalveti:
[09:51am] wookey: so yes we did about 30 of the 6 things, but another 100 appeared 
[09:51am] rsalveti: late planning 
[09:52am] rsalveti: anyway, any issue to discuss?
[09:52am] rsalveti: wookey and suihkulokki are going to be out for debconf next week
[09:52am] rsalveti: then wookey will be slacking on vacation
[09:52am] rsalveti: guess only wookey and Dr_Who are missing the connect sprint
[09:52am] Dr_Who: wookey: I'd like to ask you a few questions after the meeting about multstrap and package configuration
[09:53am] wookey: 'slacking' by carting loads of stuff up and down mountains
[09:53am] rsalveti: Dr_Who: we'll do our best to make sure you can participate remotely
[09:53am] • Dr_Who is quite sad to not be going to connect
[09:53am] rsalveti: wookey: haha 
[09:53am] rsalveti: Dr_Who: grab wookey before he runs away 
[09:53am] wookey: I know how to enjoy myself 
[09:53am] wookey: Dr_Who: I'll be online IRC all hours next weel
[09:53am] Dr_Who: wookey: ok great
[09:54am] rsalveti: and, let's get this release out 
[09:54am] wookey: today is already maxxed out
[09:54am] rsalveti: moving
[09:54am] rsalveti: #topic AOB
[09:54am] rsalveti: anyone?
[09:55am] wookey: nope, all looks god to me
[09:55am] wookey: goog
[09:55am] wookey: good
[09:55am] rsalveti: wookey: suihkulokki: have a nice trip to debconf
[09:55am] wookey: will do
rsalveti: wookey: suihkulokki: if possible, please make a report after debconf and send to linaro-all
[09:56am] wookey: OK.
[09:56am] rsalveti: quick report, just to let everybody know the important topics that was discussed there
[09:56am] rsalveti: we usually do that at canonical
[09:57am] rsalveti: as the side effect of the company letting you go to the event
[09:57am] rsalveti: ok, closing in 3
[09:57am] rsalveti: 2
[09:57am] rsalveti: 1

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