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Getting Started

We also maintain a set of how-to's related to cross-compiling


Out primary goal is to provide a common platform to use as the basis for Validation test heads and optimized hardware-specific builds. We work with a few teams to help make this happen:

Meeting Information

  • We have weekly meetings that anyone can attend. You can view the schedule and see logs of past meetings here.

  • We also meet face-to-face at Linaro Connect events.



  • Actions from last meeting
  • Engineer progress reports - All team members
  • Work Item Progress and Team Issues discussion - Ricardo
  • Any other business (AOB)

Past Action Items

Action Items

People present (lines said)

Engineers Reports

Your Name <your nick>




John Rigby <jcrigby>


  • Ported Andy Green's unique macaddr from die-id patch to u-boot for Panda
  • Added some default env settings to make PXE booting work better
  • Created a new 2011.07 branch for this months release
  • Released a 2011.07.1 git and packaged release
  • Tried out the existing U-Boot spl work. It works fine but is not yet ready to pull because the build system is being revamped. Waiting for that to complete so we can pull it into u-boot-linaro.
  • Investigated how to add usb to U-Boot spl for omap4boot like functionality.
  • No kernel packaging this week.
  • Discussed Fastboot requirements with rsalveti, asac and zach.


  • Do linaro and TILT kernel packages so I know we are ready for this month's release.
  • Figure out how to apply packaging in a automagic way for use with CI.


Avik Sil <aviksil>


  • Tried out LAVA locally. Installed lava-server locally and submitted lava-test results to it
  • Investigated how to create new test cases in LAVA
  • Looked at bootchart and smemcap to get it integrated in LAVA
  • Discussed with plars and zyga about bootchart integration
  • Learning python in order to write new test cases for lava-test


  • Integrate bootchart in LAVA
  • Start integrating smemcap in LAVA
  • Look at xrestop

Riku Voipio <suihkulokki>


  • Investigated multiarch specs more
  • fixed libpam0g-dev multiarch packaging
  • did some linux-user upstream maintainance and created a few bugfix patches
  • worked on adding multiarch paths to gcc


  • work on fixes needed to multiarch cross-compile without force (cross-gcc search patch, dpkg-checkbuilddeps etc)
  • document howto cross-compile multiarch-way

Wookey <wookey>


  • Work on staged builds/bootstrapping (cups loop-of-doom) reasonable progress, leading to a bit of mechanism redesign (Use DEB_BUILD_OPTS=stageN rather then DEB_STAGE=N)
  • Discussion with apt maintainer re apt-get build-dep -aarch support
  • Analysed executables in -dev packages (re making -dev package M-A: same)
  • Updated Multi-arch cross wiki page - -dev executables page to come
  • GSOC midterm evaluation - quite a lot of mentoring
  • DDD NMU (practising my NMUs)


  • Upload various patched packages to PPA
  • File more patches for cross-building and tools
  • Write debconf talk


Tom Gall <tom_gall>


Ricardo Salveti <rsalveti>



  • Finish planning the WGs integration blueprints
  • Create PPA for the cross build work for ALIP
  • Linaro Connect planning

Meeting Summary


  • 9:06am rsalveti: #startmeeting
  • rsalveti: #link

  • rsalveti: #topic Past action items
  • rsalveti: #info * hrw to document how to update the cross packages for oneiric and also how to make that available at backports - DONE
  • rsalveti:

  • rsalveti: #info * hrw to document how he generated the first star rating test matrix, describing what tests were done - DONE
  • rsalveti: let me try to find the link
  • rsalveti: will point the link later, I know it was done
  • rsalveti: he created a wiki with all the test cases and how to reproduce it
  • rsalveti: #info * rsalveti to ping the whole team about vacation plans - DONE
  • rsalveti: sent the email and everybody replied, thanks all
  • rsalveti: #info * rsalveti to set up a fastboot sync up meeting with jcrigby asac and pfefferz - DONE
  • rsalveti: we had a call last friday, quite useful
  • rsalveti: was created

rsalveti: #info * rsalveti to ping asac about getting for some of the team: TODO still

  • rsalveti: #topic Engineer progress reports
  • wookey: oops - was sitting in wrong linaro window wonderwhwere you all were
  • rsalveti: should be a short meeting
  • rsalveti: hrw and jcrigby are off, both in vac today
  • suihkulokki: jep
  • rsalveti: echo $(shuf -e wookey aviksil Dr_Who suihkulokki rsalveti)
  • rsalveti: Dr_Who rsalveti aviksil suihkulokki wookey
  • rsalveti: so, let's start
  • Dr_Who: bummer . I just HAD to be first
  • rsalveti: Dr_Who: you're the first
  • Dr_Who: ok .. firstly libjpeg-turbo is now in our alip and LEB daily builds
  • suihkulokki: \o/
  • rsalveti: Dr_Who: nice work, were you able to test any image generated after that?
  • Dr_Who: started in on getting live-build3 to support cross build, at this point I have a multistrap solution sort of scaffolded together .. and the next part is to get livebuild to qemu-arm for the various points along the way when chroot actions are performed
  • Dr_Who: i haven't picked up today's daily build to start testing
  • • Dr_Who sees qatrack has been updated ...
  • Dr_Who: thanks to wookey for his multistrap help
  • wookey: Dr_Who: there has been much discussion of qemu-strapping of one flavour or another on debian-embedded list
  • rsalveti: Dr_Who: guess qatracker is just showing the usual weekly testing
  • wookey: you should at least read thread, I suspect
  • rsalveti: Dr_Who: are you doing the call for testing again?
  • Dr_Who: wookey: hey for linaro's livehelper-2 we had some patches to do it integrated
  • wookey: (are you on that list now?)
  • Dr_Who: rsalveti: re call for testing, good question ... haven't seen an email so I guess I should
  • Dr_Who: wookey: yes I'm on the list now
  • rsalveti: Dr_Who: if you can, please
  • Dr_Who: k shall do
  • Dr_Who: beyond that started pulling together an android environment for libjpeg-turbo ... oddly I'm stuck at syncing their repo .. they've got some corrupt git objects it would appear
  • Dr_Who: zach knows ...
  • rsalveti: Dr_Who: wookey:

  • Dr_Who: so as a result zach volunteered to do the initial compile / integration into their environment, I just need to post my libjpeg-turbo git repo to g.l.o which I'll get done today
  • Dr_Who: I think that's about it
  • Dr_Who: questions ?
  • rsalveti: cool, great
  • rsalveti: ok, I'm next
  • rsalveti: there was the fastboot discussion last week, was quite productive
  • rsalveti: at least now we now what are the next steps to follow
  • rsalveti: and for this month 2 blueprints were created for it
  • rsalveti: SPL and USB support for SPL
  • rsalveti: and that should replace x-loader
  • rsalveti: then the 11.07 Planning:

  • rsalveti: almost completely done, just missing the WG integration BPs and the ones related with cross + alip
  • rsalveti: that hopefully I should have time to sort out today
  • rsalveti: and usual bug triaging for the arm porting jam, got 10 new bugs filled
  • rsalveti: that's about it, questions?
  • rsalveti: aviksil1: !
  • aviksil1: ok..
  • aviksil1: Tried out LAVA locally. Installed lava-server locally and submitted lava-test results to it
  • aviksil1: Investigated how to create new test cases in LAVA
  • aviksil1: Looked at bootchart and smemcap to get it integrated in LAVA
  • aviksil1: Discussed with plars and zyga about bootchart integration
  • aviksil1: Learning python in order to write new test cases for lava-test
  • aviksil1: and, the PMU patch has been reverted from linaro-2.6.39
  • aviksil1:

  • ubot2: Ubuntu bug 802693 in linux-linaro "Panda Boot hang w/ linaro 2.6.39 kernel" [High,Fix committed]
  • aviksil1: that's about it
  • aviksil1: and i'll be on leave tomorrow
  • wookey: ha another python victim
  • rsalveti:
  • aviksil1: wookey: he he
  • rsalveti: cool, lava stuff is moving forward, thanks!
  • rsalveti: questions for aviksil1?
  • rsalveti: suihkulokki: you're next
  • suihkulokki: ok
  • zyga: aviksil1, note, you should not need to learn python to create / wrap new tests
  • suihkulokki: lots of time investigated multiarch specs and testing package builds/installs with different multiarch options
  • suihkulokki: fixed libpam0g-dev multiarch packaging (patch sent to vorlon)
  • aviksil1: zyga: yeah, just a little bit will be helpful, isn't it?
  • suihkulokki: did some linux-user upstream maintainance and created a few bugfix patches
  • rsalveti: and python doesn't hurt
  • suihkulokki: and am still working on convincing cross-gcc/ld to search multiarch paths
  • zyga: aviksil1, it will not hurt but should not be required
  • suihkulokki: build times of gcc/binutils makes the edit -> test -> edit again rountrips a bit slow

  • wookey: dull, isn't it?
  • suihkulokki: that should about it for this week
  • wookey: will you post about multiarch findings?
  • wookey: what does/doesn;t already work?
  • suihkulokki: yes
  • wookey: cool
  • suihkulokki: or rather I'd like to post when building at least something works so well anyone can follow instructions
  • rsalveti: cool, nice work in general
  • rsalveti: yeah
  • rsalveti: any other question?
  • rsalveti: if not, wookey
  • wookey: Work on staged builds/bootstrapping (cups loop-of-doom) reasonable progress, leading to a bit of mechanism redesign (Use DEB_BUILD_OPTS=stageN rather then DEB_STAGE=N)
  • wookey: Discussion with apt maintainer re apt-get build-dep -aarch support

  • ubot2: Debian bug 632221 in apt "Add cross-dependency satisfaction to apt" [Wishlist,Open]
  • wookey: Analysed binaries in -dev packages (re making -dev package M-A: same)
  • wookey: Updated Multi-arach cross wiki page
  • wookey: GSOC midterm evaluation - quite a lot of mentoring
  • wookey: DDD NMU (practising my NMUs)

  • ubot2: Debian bug 597328 in ddd "ddd: Machine Code Window does not work" [Normal,Open]
  • wookey: (and teaching arm people how uploading works)
  • wookey: I think that's it. Useful discussion with rsalvetti on next steps
  • rsalveti: wookey: great, how the gsoc thing is going?
  • wookey: OK. Student took a long time to really understand the whole thing
  • wookey: so only now making real new work
  • wookey: he found an xdeb bug today
  • rsalveti: cool, took a long time but at least having progress now
  • wookey: BUt I am hopeful we will at least get some xdeb bugfixes out of it. Probably not a whole new amazing bootstrapping tool
  • rsalveti: yeah
  • rsalveti: wookey: have the xdeb bug number?
  • wookey: I don't think he's filed one. We were only talking about it 10 mins ago
  • wookey: 40 mins now
  • rsalveti: got it, all fine then
  • wookey: I'll make sure he does
  • rsalveti: wookey: great, and the preparations for debconf?
  • wookey: I haven't written any talk yet - still hacking
  • wookey: guess that's next week's job.
  • rsalveti: yeah
  • rsalveti: you can do at the plane/train anyway
  • wookey: And the train ride
  • rsalveti: thanks for the report
  • rsalveti: moving
  • rsalveti: #topic Work Item Progress and Team Issues discussion
  • rsalveti: #link

  • rsalveti: most WI should be there already
  • Dr_Who: we seem to be added more WI than getting them completed ... not sure that's a good sign 2 weeks from release
  • rsalveti: too bad the 11.07 planning happened after it was already started

rsalveti: Dr_Who: yup, I'm expecting some BPs to be postponed

  • rsalveti: because people are on vac and it's a quite short time to get it all implemented
  • rsalveti: but still, we should try to do our best
  • rsalveti: for 11.08 things will be better
  • pfalcon left the chat room. (Read error: Operation timed out)
  • rsalveti: will start the 11.08 planning next week
  • rsalveti: and, we'll have linaro connect
  • rsalveti: to properly review what needs to be done
  • rsalveti: guess only Dr_Who and wookey is not going to be there
  • rsalveti: Dr_Who: too bad you can make it
  • Dr_Who: sigh .. yeah I'd very much like to be there
  • rsalveti: can't
  • rsalveti: any questions on this topic?
  • rsalveti: (I should really work on improving how this meeting is done)
  • Dr_Who: is there a schedule for next week ?
  • Dr_Who: I mean for linaro connect
  • wookey: rsalveti: did you make the new PPAs we discussed?
  • rsalveti: Dr_Who:

  • rsalveti: still missing some from my side
  • liuyq left the chat room. (Quit: 离开)
  • rsalveti: wookey: not yet will create it at

  • rsalveti: can't create at ~linaro-maintainers because I don't have permission to do so
  • wookey: OK, will bookmark
  • rsalveti: and it should be fine to be at ~linaro-foundations
  • rsalveti: wookey: will ping you after I create it
  • rsalveti: will name it as ALIP
  • rsalveti: wookey: and maybe another for the tools
  • rsalveti: ok, last topic
  • rsalveti: #topic AOB
  • rsalveti: not much from my side, still catching up on emails and planning
  • rsalveti: there will be the linaro connect, as we talked already
  • rsalveti: ok, so will close the meeting
  • rsalveti: closing in 3
  • rsalveti: ..2
  • rsalveti: ..1
  • 09:55am rsalveti: #endmeeting

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