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Getting Started

We also maintain a set of how-to's related to cross-compiling


Out primary goal is to provide a common platform to use as the basis for Validation test heads and optimized hardware-specific builds. We work with a few teams to help make this happen:

Meeting Information

  • We have weekly meetings that anyone can attend. You can view the schedule and see logs of past meetings here.

  • We also meet face-to-face at Linaro Connect events.



  • Actions from last meeting
  • Engineer progress reports - All team members
  • Work Item Progress and Team Issues discussion - Ricardo
  • Any other business (AOB)

Past Action items

  • None

Action Items

  • None

Engineers Reports

Ricardo Salveti <rsalveti>


  • Sent a kernel patch set to fix the display for OMAP 3 and OMAP 4 (;a=summary)

  • Working with John to fix the remaining issues with the soon to be released linux-linaro-omap kernel
  • Kernel changes to make sure the same PowerVR SGX driver used at Ubuntu works with our kernel
  • Helped Zach with SGX issues with Android


  • Go over remaining tasks and bugs for the release
  • Blueprints

Tom Gall <tgall_foo>


  • UDS
  • Put together linaro-seeds for oneiric, new linaro-server seed added
  • Put together live helper configs for nano, alip, ubuntu-desktop LEB and developer for oneiric
  • Put together linaro-meta for oneiric
  • filed bug 784188 which is currently breaking oneiric builds
  • Did a bootchart run on panda + ubuntu-desktop LEB, published results to linaro-dev


  • Get back to Chromium packaging
  • finish getting libjpeg-turbo running inside of firefox, update package with new code
  • get oneiric builds working
  • blueprints!

Peter Pearse <ppearse>



  • Tidy up
  • Retire


  • None

Riku Voipio <suihkulokki>



  • Start executing work items (beginning with packaging)
  • Get the pandaboard and snowball fully tested


  • None

Marcin Juszkiewicz <hrw>



Avik Sil <aviksil>


  • L/UDS
  • Looking at ltrace issue on ARM


  • Continue with ltrace issue
  • Blueprints



  • UDS
  • Started writing bootstrapping loop dependency analysis tool
  • Set GSOC student off on bootstrapping work
  • Started on blueprint specs
  • Got Andrew Haley involved in armhf GCJ issue


  • Finish blueprints/specs
  • Test updated cross-pkg-config code


  • Deb822 with Python is cryptic/painful - people keep telling me it's supposed to be easy!

John Rigby <jcrigby>


  • Got a better idea of what is changing next cycle with respect to kernel delivery, but many questions still remain.
  • Pushed a couple of kernels to ppa but Andy Doan reports display issues on OMAP3.


  • Blueprints
  • Start an oneiric kernel tree still using nico's current upstream but with drastically reduced omap config and unified as much as possible configs across the four platforms.


  • Not sure what u-boot work we are committed to for this cycle.

Kunal Goel <kunal>


  • Helped MM WG with Panda setup for Smartt app testing


  • Packaging the smartt app as new version is there in Git linaro


  • None

IRC logs

Meeting opened by rsalveti at 15:01

  • <rsalveti> [TOPIC] Past action items

Past action items

  • <rsalveti> seems we have no past action this time

    <hrw> bb in few

    <kiko> UDS killed your actions

    <rsalveti> :-) we'll have tons of new actions for the next few days

    <wookey> uh, kiko is watching....

    <kiko> ALWAYS

    <rsalveti> alright, let's go over the engineer reports

    <rsalveti> [TOPIC] Engineer progress reports

Engineer progress reports

  • <rsalveti> $ echo $(shuf -e hrw jcrigby wookey ppearse aviksil tgall_foo kunal fturgis suihkulokki rsalveti)

    <rsalveti> tgall_foo ppearse fturgis jcrigby hrw wookey aviksil rsalveti suihkulokki kunal

    <rsalveti> Dr_Who: hey, we can still find you with your new nick

    <rsalveti> Dr_Who: you first

    <Dr_Who> here!

    <Dr_Who> so UDS, getting the images going for oneiric have been the big focus

    <Dr_Who> already have nano, alip, developer, server, and ubuntu-desktop all assembled

    <rsalveti> cool, thanks for starting this

    <rsalveti> Dr_Who: any remaining image work for 11.05?

    <Dr_Who> I've started to build nano but immediately ran into bug 784188 which seems to be another instance of a binutils bug

    <ubot2> Launchpad bug 784188 in python2.7 "segv in libpython2.7 oneiric arm" [Undecided,New]

    <rsalveti> lot of fun

    <Dr_Who> rsalveti, no there is shouldn't be anything left for image work in 11.05 save getting the release documents moved into the right place, I've emailed JamieBennett and fabo about that this morning

    <Dr_Who> did a bootchart run on panda, I'm sure everyone has seen the discussion on the list on that

    <rsalveti> Dr_Who: cool, that should do it

    <Dr_Who> that's about it ... blueprints for the week ahead

    <rsalveti> Dr_Who: yes, the ubuntu-arm team is also interested in following the bootcharts for oneiric

    <rsalveti> ideally we'll set daily jobs to report the bootchart over the cycle

    <Dr_Who> need to bootchart a USB disk boot and the developer image as well ... that should provide some more interesting data

    <rsalveti> yes, I remember once I did for maverick usb was a lot better to find what process is consuming more the cpu over the boot

    <rsalveti> as with the sd card the i/o is the bottleneck

    <rsalveti> would be good to check if ureadahead is being used at our images

    <Dr_Who> yeah for that we need arnd to look at that

    <rsalveti> and if that makes any difference

    <Dr_Who> ureadahead is being used I think on all save nano

    <Dr_Who> but it's an open question if it is having positive effects

    <rsalveti> Dr_Who: I remember it was reporting an error at the past, that's why it'd be good to check

    <rsalveti> and I don't really know if it actually makes any difference when using the sd card

    <rsalveti> if not wasting more resources during boot

    <Dr_Who> yup

    <rsalveti> Dr_Who: on a different topic, thanks for working at the LDS showcase, it was important to have someone from our team explaining what we do and how we customize our images

    <Dr_Who> Ihappy to do it, it was fun!

    <rsalveti> for next cycle we can plan it better, and also demonstrate some more cool stuff :-)

    <rsalveti> Dr_Who: any update at the libjpeg-turbo work?

    <rsalveti> I know kiko is probably interested at that

    <Dr_Who> rsalveti, I don;t have a further udpated on that, when I last worked on it just before I left for UDS, the linker was segving

    <rsalveti> ouch

    <rsalveti> ok, questions for Dr_Who?

    <rsalveti> ppearse: you're next!

    <wookey> what was the secret of bootchart on arm? I never got it to produce any output...

    <rsalveti> wookey: it should work just fine

    <hrw> wookey: use ubootchart?

    <Dr_Who> wookey, on natty it's as easy as apt-get bootchart

    <ppearse> All alip packages now built with xdeb (natty source)

    <rsalveti> I fixed it at maverick cycle

    <wookey> OK. I last tried a couple of years ago - zip

    <ppearse> Just tidying up now.

    <hrw> ppearse: yay!

    <ppearse> That's all from me......

    <rsalveti> ppearse: awesome!

    <suihkulokki> ppearse: congrats :)

    <Dr_Who> wookey, however there are options for what it looks for to stop collecting data, depending on what you're doing that can cause it to look as if it's not collecting data

    <ppearse> Q?

    <Dr_Who> ppearse, congrats!

    <suihkulokki> ppearse: what are you going to do on your new free time :)

    <wookey> ppearse: well done. I'll come over to get further brain-dumpage

    <hrw> I just had to ask that ;D

    <ppearse> Gardening & cooking

    <wookey> remarkable timing - you must have been stringing it out all along (or hacking horribly the last 2 weeks :-)

  • ppearse whistles

    <rsalveti> wookey: that would be useful, as we'll be moving the alip work for you and suihkulokki until we find someone to replace ppearse

    <kiko> Dr_Who, we need to get to the bottom of this libjpeg-turbo stuff

    <kiko> Dr_Who, are you using mandeep's branch, btw?

    <Dr_Who> kiko, yes I am

    <kiko> mm

    <kiko> and it works for him?

    <rsalveti> ppearse: the only thing I ask you know is to document the most you can :-)

    <Dr_Who> it's easy enough to build libjepg-turbo ... building it into firefox is a bit of a different matter

    <rsalveti> ppearse: but thanks for you work, hope you enjoy your free time soon :-)

    <Dr_Who> that's where the linker segv is coming from

    <ppearse> Hopefully that's in place already.

    <rsalveti> yeah, will go over the wiki pages later today

    <rsalveti> any other question for ppearse?

    <rsalveti> jcrigby: hey, your turn!

    <jcrigby> ok, enjoyed UDS/LDS

    <jcrigby> I think there is still some disconnect about who is packaging what

    <jcrigby> got an email from dsaxena about kwg packaging their own kernel, will work that out

    <rsalveti> jcrigby: yeah, just saw the email, will go over it after the meeting

    <jcrigby> ok, good

    <rsalveti> we have a better picture now, but would be good to document it somewhere

    <jcrigby> yes

    <rsalveti> but in general I believe you'll be responsible for pushing the kernel based on npitre's tree at ubuntu

    <rsalveti> like what you done for this cycle

    <jcrigby> need somewhere to put the possible u-boot work, should I creat a new blueprint for that and should I point grants boot arch blueprint at ti?

    <jcrigby> it

    <jcrigby> rsalveti, right

    <rsalveti> jcrigby: it'd be good to have a blueprint for it

    <jcrigby> its all the "other" kernels that are in question but I will document what I think is happening

    <jcrigby> ok

    <rsalveti> jcrigby: if needed you can link with the other one

    <jcrigby> ok

    <rsalveti> don't need a lot of information, just the summary and the WI

    <jcrigby> exactly, so I don't need an attached spec if the wi are clear?

    <rsalveti> jcrigby: sure, for the LT it it's basically what we discussed at friday

    <jcrigby> right

    <rsalveti> they will be responsible for the packaging work, with you to help if needed

    <jcrigby> ok sounds good

    <jcrigby> the other two things for this week are finalizing kernel for 11.05, andy doan has some display issues on omap3

    <jcrigby> and starting a new kernel tree with unified configs

    <rsalveti> jcrigby: well, it's good to have a separated bp as it's easier to trace the work for our team

    <rsalveti> jcrigby: hm, did he post the issues somewhere?

    <rsalveti> I can help looking over that

    <hrw> jcrigby: do we have >662MB ram on panda now? and hdmi output?

    <rsalveti> as I was able to make it work with omap 3 just fine

    <rsalveti> with beagle and beagle-xm

    <jcrigby> rsalveti, yes I really appreciated your bp email today with the idea of smaller bps attached to main

    <rsalveti> hrw: we should have

    <rsalveti> jcrigby: and the kernel is a lot better after disabling CPU_FREQ

    <hrw> cool

    <jcrigby> rsalveti, I think andy was working with older kernel so maybe the problem is gone. I pointed him at latest

    <rsalveti> stable as the ubuntu one

    <rsalveti> jcrigby: oh, ok

    <rsalveti> that should do it :-)

    <suihkulokki> rsalveti: can I get my slot earlier, it would be great if I can leave early..

    <jcrigby> that is it for me

    <hrw> will have to boot panda a1 tomorrow with fresher kernel

    <rsalveti> jcrigby: can you email linaro-dev after you pushed a newer kernel version at the ppa?

    <hrw> +1

    <rsalveti> jcrigby: would be good to have more people testing it as soon as possible

    <rsalveti> jcrigby: newer kernel with cpu_freq disabled

    <jcrigby> rsalveti, already pushed it is building (8 hours so far) well send email to list when build is done

    <rsalveti> suihkulokki: sure, you can be the next one

    <rsalveti> jcrigby: awesome

    <wookey> suihkulokki: you can go before me

    <rsalveti> jcrigby: I still need to talk with asac about fastboot, but will probably continue over this cycle

    <hrw> suihkulokki: go then

    <wookey> i.e next

    <rsalveti> android people are pushing it forward

    <suihkulokki> thanks

    <jcrigby> rsalveti, I will list all possible u-boot things and then asac can prioritize

    <rsalveti> jcrigby: will follow this with you later this week

    <rsalveti> jcrigby: awesome, that should do it

    <rsalveti> alright, questions for jcrigby?

    <rsalveti> suihkulokki: go!

    <suihkulokki> ok

    <suihkulokki> LDS, obviously. It was nice to meet all you :)

    <suihkulokki> I have now specs and work items for both sessions I did, ie the opengls es for qemu and tracing/profiling

    <suihkulokki> also, snowball and panda arrived, both tested just enough that they don't smoke when powered

    <rsalveti> suihkulokki: yeah, saw that today, thanks for the bp work

    <rsalveti> suihkulokki: awesome

    <rsalveti> guess you know have enough hardware to play

    <rsalveti> *now

    <suihkulokki> next, I'll start then executing/sharing the work items, unless rsalveti you want to change some items

    <rsalveti> my brain is damaged today

    <rsalveti> suihkulokki: sure, we'll be reviewing the bps over next week

    <suihkulokki> yeah, i'm satisfied with my hw

    <rsalveti> cool

    <rsalveti> ok, questions for suihkulokki?

    <rsalveti> suihkulokki: guess you're free to go

    <rsalveti> hrw: you're next!

    <suihkulokki> thanks :)

    <hrw> ok

    <hrw> wrote specs and WIs for cross toolchain user stories BP

    <hrw> got (useless) universe contributor status in ubntu

    <hrw> applied for per package uploads for cross toolchains (motu will be next after month or more)

    <hrw> have to write spec/WIs for star rating stuff

    <hrw> LUDS was worht going - my 3rd one and best so far.

    <rsalveti> hrw: hopefully the dmb meeting will cover most people at next monday

    <rsalveti> hrw: cool, also had the same impression

    <hrw> rsalveti: I guess next one at earliest

    <hrw> rsalveti: 7th I am

    <rsalveti> jcrigby: also don't forget about the dmb meeting :-)

    <hrw> attented lot of linaro and some of ubuntu sessions

    <rsalveti> jcrigby: add it at your calendar

    <hrw> for star rating I got contacts in canonical cert team

    <jcrigby> rsalveti, thanks!

    <rsalveti> hrw: yeah, would be good to work with the canonical cert team, as they are now planning to certify arm hardwares

    <hrw> I updated cross toolchains for oneiric but will have to find someone to upload them for me

    <hrw> rsalveti: their certificate app is quite simple. will run it on panda soon

    <hrw> my desk is in reorganization phase ;(

    <rsalveti> hrw: let's try following

  • hrw ended

    <rsalveti> hrw: and then ping some folks to help

    <rsalveti> it's good to have more people sponsoring your packages

    <hrw> rsalveti: I know process - used it for ~year

    <wookey> can /me go later - I'm also on a conf call to LSB people

    <rsalveti> it's useful when trying to get motu/core dev

    <wookey> and we're just on to multiarch

    <rsalveti> alright, questions for hrw?

    <rsalveti> wookey: you're next

    <wookey> sorry on phone

    <wookey> come back to me?

    <rsalveti> wookey: sure

    <rsalveti> aviksil: you!

    <aviksil> ok

    <aviksil> nothing much to update

    <aviksil> LDS

    <aviksil> now looking at the ltrace issue

    <rsalveti> aviksil: alright

    <aviksil> could not test a patch from david gilbert due to unavailibility of panda board

    <rsalveti> aviksil: would be good to have you involved with

    <rsalveti> aviksil: you don't have a panda?

    <aviksil> rsalveti: ok

    <aviksil> now deepti is using it!

    <aviksil> tomorrow i'll get it from her

    <rsalveti> aviksil: ok, please let me know if you need help testing it

    <aviksil> rsalveti: any specific tracing tool you want me to look at?

    <rsalveti> for the moment mostly ltrace and latrace

    <aviksil> ok

    <rsalveti> check if it's working fine, and report the issues

    <aviksil> sure

    <aviksil> that's all from me

    <rsalveti> aviksil: and as you've being involved with tracing/profiling tools over this cycle, you'll probably be able to help implementing this blueprint

    <aviksil> ok

    <rsalveti> for now just follow it and see if there's anything to add at the spec wiki page, or at the WI list

    <rsalveti> we'll be reviewing the bps next week, and also see who is going to do what

    <aviksil> ok

    <rsalveti> aviksil: it'll be also good to know what are you interested at, so we can get you more involved with other bps

    <rsalveti> but that's for next week, for now just go over the bps and see what you like the most

    <aviksil> rsalveti: sure

    <rsalveti> questions for aviksil?

    <rsalveti> wookey: want to go now?

    <wookey> OK.

    <wookey> UDS - good feedback on user requirements. Suggestions that cross-building actually matters to some people (which is slightly worrying :-)...

    <wookey> New boss seems like a sensible fellow :-)

    <wookey> Had a go at writing dependency-analysis tool with python-debian & deb822. Mostly frustrating. I still can't see why anyone claims python is a nice language with handy tools. undocumented and undiscoverable tools would be more accurate IMHO.

    <wookey> Put Margaritos and Andrew Haley in touch to sort out armhf GCJ java breakage

    <wookey> Started GSOC student off properly on bootstrapping.

    <wookey> Tried to suck more info out of peter's soon-to-escape brain.

    <wookey> Improved cross-pkgconfig in light of UDS comments. Needs testing/patch uploading

    <wookey> Working on blueprints/specs. I'm not entirely sure that one blueprint for cross-building and bootstrapping makes sense. They are not the same subject, just interrelated.

    <wookey> Not sure how much time to spend on unfinished 11.05 bits vs just getting on with <new stuff>

    <wookey> Suspect I or steveL should jump in to FHS process re multiarch. Just realised 11am ET conf call is on now...

    <wookey> So I joined and they agreed that multiarch should at least be allowed

    <wookey> that's it

    <rsalveti> wookey: it's fine to create separated bps for the technical work

    <rsalveti> wookey: like I said at the email I sent today

    <rsalveti> you can just link the additional bps at the one you used at LDS later on

    <rsalveti> feel free to create as many bps it's necessary

    <wookey> OK, I guess make 'bootstrapping' a sub-blueprint

    <wookey> even though it might get sub-tasks of it's own

    <rsalveti> that's fine

    <wookey> its

    <rsalveti> wookey: for now the new stuff should be just the bp work

    <rsalveti> the real work should start once this cycle is done :-)

    <rsalveti> and that will be at the end of next week, iirc

    <wookey> OK so specs+finishing off current work for next 1.5 weeks

    <rsalveti> I know it's bad to actually have to plan the new stuff while we still need to spend time on the remaining WI

    <rsalveti> as pointed by alf_ at linaro m-l

    <wookey> indeed - I don;t find it very helpful

    <hrw> all my old WIs got postponed

    <rsalveti> wookey: yes, please try getting your new bps "done" until end of this week

    <rsalveti> so we can review them over the next one

    <wookey> will do

    <rsalveti> wookey: just follow what I described at the email

    <hrw> brb

    <rsalveti> alright, questions for wookey?

    <rsalveti> wookey: guess we actually got more people interested in cross stuff for next cycle

    <rsalveti> it'll be one of our main deliverables

    <wookey> true, just have to harness people's efforts

    <hrw> I will be move involved in multiarch stuff probably

    <hrw> s/move/more

    <rsalveti> cool

    <rsalveti> once we have the cross buildd running, and reporting the issues the bug should be covered by the arm porting effort

    <rsalveti> so everyone can jump on it and fix the packages

    <hrw> as we need cross compiler to make use of them (when we will get multiarch headers)

    <rsalveti> true

    <rsalveti> wookey: hopefully we'll get a new member to work with you at the cross stuff

    <rsalveti> will follow this off-line

    <rsalveti> ok, my turn

    <hrw> next step will be handling of cross deps in build-deps but thats probably 12.04 ;(

    <rsalveti> last week was a quite good one at LDS

    <rsalveti> happy to meet most of the folks

    <rsalveti> worked with jcrigby to fix the remaining display issues with the omap kernel

    <rsalveti> patch set was posted for npitre, and merged already

    <rsalveti> power sgx driver should now work fine with our kernel

    <rsalveti> and I believe it's even better than the ubuntu one now

    <rsalveti> as we got some additional updates for the wlan driver

    <rsalveti> also helped pfefferz trying to get sgx working with android

    <hrw> nice

    <Dr_Who> very cool

    <hrw> share updates with ubuntu guys so they will make sru for their users?

    <rsalveti> now will spend the rest of the week working with bps

    <rsalveti> hrw: that's the idea

    <rsalveti> hrw: once we get more people testing the kernel we can see if there are any remaining issues to be fixed

    <rsalveti> if it's ok I'll request a sru update

    <rsalveti> that's all for me, questions?

    <hrw> I plan to have one panda with ubuntu and second with linaro kernel

    <hrw> but this will require expensive kvm switch or few monitors ;(

    <rsalveti> hrw: cool, we'll see what are the differences once you get your tests running

    <Dr_Who> hrw, or a monitor with more than one input

    <rsalveti> yeah, that sucks

    <rsalveti> I know GrueMaster has a hdmi switch that works quite well

    <rsalveti> and I don't think it was expensive

    <hrw> Dr_Who: hard to find 19" with dvi and hdmi inputs

    <Dr_Who> hrw, I have 3 that do

    <rsalveti> kunal: you're the last one!

    <kunal> yes

    <hrw> Dr_Who: I do not want to spend too much on screens which will be off for most of time

    <kunal> helped MM WG with panda board setup

    <kunal> kernel with aviksil patch and display

    <kunal> for smartt application on panda board

    <kunal> now the new version is uploaded on git, will package it

    <rsalveti> kunal: cool, can you add your status report at the wiki page

    <rsalveti> ?

    <kunal> ya sure, i'll do that

    <kunal> sorry for delay

    <rsalveti> np :-)

    <rsalveti> alright, questions for kunal?

    <Dr_Who> hrw, I don't recall having to pay extra on mine, as I recall there were what was available in the store!

    <rsalveti> [TOPIC] Work Item Progress and Team Issues discussion

Work Item Progress and Team Issues discussion

  • <rsalveti> ok, remaining WI for the current cycle

    <hrw> Dr_Who: new 19" starts >100EUR which I see high for just-to-buy-for-nearly-not-using shows we're a little bit behind should be done with the new kernel upload

  • <rsalveti>

    <rsalveti> Dr_Who: you have one remaining WI at

    <rsalveti> do you think you will be able close it?

    <rsalveti> if not, please postpone

    <rsalveti> the other remaining bp is

    <rsalveti> sorry, tr

    <rsalveti> wookey: you still have some items as inprogress and todo

    <wookey> yes

    <rsalveti> wookey: please make sure you're able to work on them until mid next week

    <rsalveti> otherwise please postpone

    <wookey> OK, will check where we're at on thayt

    <rsalveti> we can copy the remaining WI at the newer bps

    <Dr_Who> rsalveti, yeah I was hopiong to catch up with slangasek at UDS about that as he was doing some work in that area ... I'll get it taken care of one way or another

    <rsalveti> Dr_Who: awesome, thanks :-)

    <rsalveti> the only remaining thing now is to make sure we can do some testing once the new kernel is in place

    <rsalveti> would be good to have most of the team trying the image at the beginning of next week

    <rsalveti> so if we're unable to fix some issues we can still post at the release notes

    <rsalveti> and have everything in place for release

    <Dr_Who> rsalveti, is this in advance of a new hwpack ?

    <rsalveti> Dr_Who: we first need to get the new kernel, and then make sure it's included at the hwpack

    <rsalveti> then we can start running some tests

    <Dr_Who> ok great

    <hrw> once we have kernel we can create hwpacks iirc

    <Dr_Who> I would like to think the hwpack creation would be a very simple step

    <hrw> it is

    <hrw> linaro-hwpack-create iirc

    <rsalveti> should be fine

    <rsalveti> ok, that should cover current topic

    <rsalveti> just please, everybody, spend some time on BP work :-)

    <rsalveti> [TOPIC] AOB


  • <hrw> rsalveti: first specs for current one and then split - fine?

    <rsalveti> hrw: sure

    <wookey> So I just talked to LSB people about lack of ARM spec. Do we care? Who's problem is it? I guess I should bring it up on the mailing list and see if we think it's worth doing anything about.

    <rsalveti> any other topic, complain?

    <hrw> someone else then zyga and gruemaster use kvm/hdmi switches and can suggest some?

    <Dr_Who> wookey, lack of what spec ?

    <wookey> LSB spec exists for x86, powerpc, s390, (about 7 arches), but not ARM

    <rsalveti> wookey: please bring up at the m-l

    <rsalveti> ubuntu folks should also be interested at that

    <Dr_Who> wookey, ah! yeah that should get solved

    <hrw> wookey: lsb should also have ;anyarch; version

    <wookey> yes there is a 'generic'

    <wookey> They havne't done it before due to lack of ARM standardisation, which is fair enough

    <rsalveti> wookey: can you also cross post at ubuntu-devel?

    <wookey> and debian-devel.

    <rsalveti> yup, that should do it

    <wookey> It's always a bit tricky to decide which of those lists to use (or spam all 3)

    <rsalveti> if we don't get people interested on these m-l then we shouldn't care :-)

    <hrw> and debian-arm

    <hrw> ?

    <rsalveti> ok, any other topic?

    <wookey> and LSB-discuss. Etoo-many-lists

    <rsalveti> if not will close the meeting

    <hrw> #endmeeting

    <rsalveti> ok, thanks everybody

    <rsalveti> #endmeeting

Meeting closed at 16:23

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