Wednesday 25 Aug 2010

People Present

  • slangasek
  • JamieBennett

  • dmart
  • hrw
  • jcrigby
  • ppearse
  • wookey
  • npitre


  • Review action items from last meeting
  • Blueprint status for Linaro 10.11 beta
  • Blueprint





    working through python cross-build, pushing x-build bugs to the Ubuntu packages



    last changes merged, awaiting upload





    npitre, jcrigby

    final stable tree in place for 2.6.35; set of packaged images to produce for 10.11 is settled



    no progress to note this week



    exec ASLR done, waiting on Ubuntu security team for further testing






    initial u-boot package FFe'd and in the archive - Ubuntu ARM team will use it for one of their deliverables this cycle!



    multistrap, pdebuild-cross uploaded to Ubuntu; resolution of xdeb cross-Package downloading next week



    no progress this week, will postpone work items

Action Items from this Meeting

  • TBA

Action Items from Previous Meeting

  • slangasek to sponsor u-boot-linaro into maverick: DONE
  • jcrigby, lool, hrw, slangasek to further discuss how to provide fast and frequent kernel builds : DONE
  • slangasek to help wookey with FFe bug filing for pdebuild-cross in maverick: DONE
  • slangasek, wookey to discuss multistrap: DONE
  • dmart, npitre to work out verification of exec ASLR on armel: DONE
  • jcrigby turn CONFIG_COMPAT_BRK=n on: DONE
  • ask Ubuntu kernel team about dropping linux-fsl-imx51 from maverick: DONE
  • dmart to email Keybuk about bootchart changes
  • dmart to email npitre clarifying final status of oprofile kernel patch: DONE

Status Reports

Jamie Bennett


  • Implemented per-person burndown chart production. Output of which can be found at:
  • Implemented the upstream tree checking mechanism. Looks like we have no submissions at the moment. Looks like a whitelist of Linaro contributors email address will need to be checked as not all people seconded to Linaro are using their address.


  • Pushed for MootBot-UK installation in #linaro-meeting, called in a favor from Daviey and its now available.

  • Initial investigations into better tracking the requirements defined at the start of a cycle by partners and our own blueprint/work item system. Started putting down some thoughts/guidelines at JamieBennett/RequirementsTracking.

  • Initial investigations into the initial requirements document and our actual deliverable's. There is a need to see what was POSTPONED this cycle and what still needs to be done to ensure this work happens in 11.05.
  • Chased IS for our public Mumble server. Promised a turn-around early next week.


  • Chat with AlexanderSack to discuss image building. Produced Releases/MakeARelease to capture what is required for a milestone image build in-case one of the current group can't do it for some reason.

  • Discussed hardware packs and future image building with AlexanderSack and LoicMinier. Producing one image and adding a hardware specific part afterwards at image creation time is the way forward but not sure whether this will hit for the 10.11 cycle.

  • Meeting with Matt Waddel to discuss the status of Versatile Express in Linaro. I'll be driving the effort to ensure that we have images this cycle for Versatile Express. Talked with LoicMiner, JohnRigby (uboot) and CodySomerville (build infrastructure) to get the wheels in motion to make this happen.

  • Talked with the new Ubuntu Release Manager, KateStewart, to co-ordinate an effort to track both projects better. Brainstormed around tracking bugs and related packages across projects in an automated way. Weekly call now to discuss the implementation of this and work out what format we want the output to be in.

  • Weekly Foundations and Release meetings.


  • Work with the Ubuntu Release Manager to implement bug dependency reporting and highlighting.
  • Implement tagging support in the work item tracker to enable work items to be 'tagged' against a technical requirement reference number.
  • Complete analysis of requirements to deliverables for the 10.11 release cycle.
  • Produce a blueprint and work-item guideline document to ensure that everyone is using the same format for 11.05.

Peter Pearse


  • arm-m-ael-alip-evaluation
    • Cross toolchains working with xdeb. 12 source packages cross-built. Patching required for 4 of those.
  • arm-m-ael-alip-appman-ext
    • None this week
  • other
    • Versatile Express u-boot tested - OK.
    • Interface testing with Matthew Revell went well



  • arm-m-ael-alip-evaluation
    • Continue work item "Use cross-compiler binaries with xdeb"
    • Test Tom Gall's "alip-ael" image on Versatile Express
    • Learn more about "series"
    • Find out how to debug xdeb internals
    • Push cross patches to ubuntu/debian
  • arm-m-ael-alip-appman-ext
    • Produce new scripts



  • Having xdeb get correct target-arch depencies
  • Being able to cross-build gstreamer reliably


  • Fixed various multsistrap bugs/imperfections so that it would make a cross-build chroot from maverick plus marcins toolchains (or emdebian toolchains)
  • Once that was done pdebuildcross/xapt 'just worked'. Limitations yet to be determined...
  • So far as I can tell both emdebian and marcin toolchains produce the same results when cross-building (limited testing) which is good
  • Gstreamer doesn't cross-build for me (Could not link libxml2 test program - investigating, but other stuff does.
  • Synced with ppearse on his AEL/ALIP work
  • Discussed getting more hardware with DaveM. Agreed to get 3 IGEPs
  • Discussed adding pdebuild-cross to maverick with release manager as backup until xdeb gets similar functionality (xdeb can be used inside pdebuild cross to, which is probably a good idea). And corresponding updating of multistrap.
  • Started upstreaming multistrap patches. Some pushback 'because it's only for ubuntu' (actually mostly it isn't) so will go in a branch for now.


  • Some pushback on getting multistrap fixes in upstream
  • Still don't know enough python to do good work


  • Actually build some things (co-ordinating with ppearse)
  • file cross-build bugs accordingly
  • Work on xdeb target-arch downloading
  • Discuss multstrap vs debootstrap with steve
  • Get pdebuild-cross uploaded to maverick
  • Unless we decide to use debootstrap instead: Get multstrap in maverick updated/patched to actually work in maverick with current toolchains
  • Do Debconf 10 doughnut session for ARM people with Sledge

John Rigby

Kernel Packaging

  • Added mx51 flavour. It compiles but no testing yet.
  • Fixed the vexpress config. Still needs testing by mattman before I send a pull request.
  • Wasted a bit of time trying to agree on git tree naming. In the end just waited for Loic and Nico to come to an agreement.


  • Spent the better part of two days on ST-E u-boot work. I have not heard anything back and hope it was not a complete waste of time.
  • Got a new Beagle xM patch from Steve Sakoman but have not been able to try it.
  • No progress on ARM device tree work.
  • Explained to Loic why basing 10.11 U-Boot release on current upstream is better than going all the way back to 2010.06.


  • Took two days off but worked about fours hours in the evenings that I was supposed to be off.

Next Week

  • Do a kernel stable release based on Nico's stable.
  • Do a u-boot stable tentative candidate base on current upstream.
  • Work on ARM device tree work.
  • Ping Alexander and the folks at ST-E to see if they need any more help with U-Boot.

Nicolas Pitre

  • Creation of a stable branch in the Linaro kernel repository with a couple fixes from the upstream stable tree and Dave Martin.
  • Completion and testing of the exec ASLR security feature.
  • Answer to a couple external inquiries about Linaro.
  • The usual patch review and mailing list monitoring.


  • TBA

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