Wednesday 11 Aug 2010



  • Review action items from last meeting
  • Feature Freeze reminder
  • Blueprint status for linaro 10.11 beta
  • Blueprint




    reproducible bootstrapped toolchain; getting it working now with xdeb



    toolchain patches to land in the archive this week



    works, but needs cleanup; working on final patch


    npitre, jcrigby

    tentative stable linaro kernel tree published, Versatile Express packages coming



    modified bootchart to record memory usage info. TSC just approved license.



    ASLR to be done next week, requesting FFe





    u-boot packages in ppa



    xdeb needs work to support downloading Packages files for the correct architecture and to use these for calculating dependencies; in progress



    preliminary library packages in ppa, but need to talk to LSB about standardizing paths

Action Items from this Meeting

  • TBA

Action Items from Previous Meeting

  • slangasek to check with mvo whether multiarch bits in experimental are ready for maverick: DONE
  • dmart to post details of commit unbreaking debug symbol extraction to the bug in launchpad
  • slangasek to chase IS on status of de-virtualization of kernel PPA: DONE
  • slangasek to look into getting a MootBot for #linaro-meeting


  • TBA

Status Reports

Dave Martin

Memory Footprint

  • Extended bootchart to collect global memory usage status - should be uncontraversial since the amount of extra data is modest compared with what is already collected.
  • Extended pybootchartgui to graph overall memory usage in a simple way - needs tidying up and discussing the the package maintainers
  • Stalled on TSC licence approval before code can be pushed to launchpad - confirmation expected today.

Perf tools


  • Discuss with plars how to extract useful summary information from the memory usage info, for integrating into the automated testing infrastructure.

Peter Pearse


  • arm-m-ael-alip-evaluation:
    • Now have a bootstrapped (but unpackaged) v7-a thumb2 compiler, patched to successfully build ncurses with xdeb
    • Building armv5/v6 etc compilers should now be trivial.
  • arm-m-ael-alip-appman-ext:
    • File sytem sizes shown in both command line & GUI runs


  • Bootstrapped compiler fails in xorg-common/mesa
  • Broken packages in buildds


  • arm-m-ael-alip-evaluation:
    • Continue work item "Build cross-compiler binaries from maverick compiler source packages for architectures armv5 & armv6"

    • Test Tom Gall's "alip-ael" image on Versatile Express
  • arm-m-ael-alip-appman-ext:
    • Tidy code
    • Prepare patches

John Rigby


  • This week I helped test the Alpha3 release and worked on u-boot.


  • Tested the Aug3 and Aug5 dailies on both Beagle C4 and xM.
  • Found some issues with linaro-image-create and pushed the fixes.
  • Found some issues with flash-kernel and pushed fixes.


  • Did some more cleanup recommended by Tim G.
  • Incorporated additional changes from Tim G.


  • Submitted device tree patches to u-boot mailing list for review.
  • Started working on fixes based on comments.
  • Created a linaro u-boot branch on that is based on
    • current upstream
    • rebased C4/xM patches
    • Versatile Express patches from Matt Waddel
    • Debian packaging It currently builds u-boot binaries for panda, beagle, babbage and Versatile Express

Next Week

  • Go back to kernel packaging and add versatile express building.
  • Decide if/how to do separate kernel source packages.

Jamie Bennett

This Week

  • Development
    • Initial investigations into how to implement per-user burn-down charts.
  • Process
    • Discussed the image building process with asac. Plan is for me to take over this duty post Alpha-3.
    • Alpha-3 release notes, wiki page editing and general admin for the release.
    • Added new icons from the web design company to the wiki. Some discussion about sizes and layout, settled on the current design.
  • Admin
    • Initial investigations into booking travel for Linux Plumbers and UDS/LDS.
  • Meetings
    • Face-to-face meeting with ARM. Presented two topics, slides available at JamieBennett#Presentations Given, and participated in much discussion. Everyone seemed happy with the outcome of the day.

    • Finished off the introduction to some of ARM's Project Managers on how we project manage in Ubuntu and Linaro. Phone call and discussions. More thoughts documented at


  • Take input from the status page meeting and hack scripts to better suit our needs.
  • Implement per-person burndown charts for the Linaro teams.
  • Current release status summary.
  • Analysis of requirements to deliverables for the 10.11 release cycle.

Meeting Log

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