Hardware Pack + LT Development Platform services

Description of the hardware pack types, and who is the responsible for releasing and supporting it over the monthly releases.

  • LEB hwpacks
    • Description: Official LEB hardware package, where proper maintenance and support is expected from the Development Platform Team.
    • Naming: leb-hardware (e.g. leb-panda, leb-omap3, leb-snowball)

    • Integration, Packaging: Development Platform
    • Release Management: Platform
    • Support: LEB support (all can get support against fee from Linaro Services)
    • Bug Fixing: LT/Kernel WG and Development Platform
    • Testing: LT/Community/Linaro/LAVA
  • Landing Team hwpacks
    • Description: Hardware package provided by the SoC Landing Team, to help testing and development, but no official support available (besides from the LT itself).
    • Naming: lt-hardware (e.g. lt-panda, lt-omap3, lt-snowball)

    • Integration, Packaging: Landing Team (with help from DevPlatform if wanted)

    • Release Management: Platform with help from LT
    • Support: LT support (terms of support are agreed in Member LT contract)
    • Bug Fixing: LT
    • Testing: LT/Community/LAVA*

  • Mainline hwpacks (kernel WG tree if not used for LEB)
    • Description: Mainline hardware package, provided by the Development Platform Team, but mainly supported by community.
    • Naming: harware or mainline-hardware (e.g. panda, omap3, snowball)

    • One source kernel and u-boot tree providing n-binary packages
    • Integration, Packaging: Development Platform
    • Release Management: Platform
    • Support: Best-Effort, Community
    • Testing: Community/Linaro/LAVA*

* LT and Mainline hwpack only get tested in LAVA if boards are available in required quantities.

Support from the Development Platform team is expected, as:

  • Helping LTs to learn packaging
  • Providing a git tree with proper packaging templates to help managing the kernel packages
  • Help integrating the non-kernel related changes, like u-boot

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