Linaro Continuous Integration (CI)

This page provides background and an index to other wiki pages about the CI build systems and tools.


We run both jenkins ( and lava (

Both of these are in principle capable of running and build or test job, but they have different pros and cons which mean that largely jenkins is used for doing builds (either cross or native) on x86 hardware. Whilst lava is used to run tests, benchmarking and some native builds.

  • jenkins-based conventional distributed build system (written in java)
  • Run in the cloud (AWS)
  • Mostly x86 (amd64, virtual) hardware
  • Some ARM machines

kernel builds and image builds and software builds are usually done with this.

  • Uses Lava, a linaro-written validation system (written in python)
  • Run on the 'lava-lab', a set of Linaro-hosted arm boards
  • Mostly ARM hardware
  • Multiple-machine tests possible
  • Tests run on real hardware

boot testing, hardware testing, software testing, and toolchains builds are done with this.

Further information

Setting up Jobs

Jenkins setup/Admin


Existing jobs/processes

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