Plans and Goals for Linaro Connect Q1.12



  • Discuss about the value of the work done by the team
    • Get feedback from people
    • Image usage, and what could be done to improve the user/developer experience


  • Plan work for Q1.12 and start planning Q2.12
  • Create and discuss the planning cards with the TSC
  • Validate current project's backlog
  • Linux Linaro:
    • Current status
    • How to proceed
    • Discuss with each LT, and come to short, medium and long work plan


  • Get together with other teams:
    • Discuss possible ways to improve the relationship between teams
    • How to improve usage of Ubuntu LEBs
    • Go over bugs, and get latest status about them
  • Talk with each Landing Team:
    • Discuss about current issues and future planning
    • Go over platform bugs, and understand how then can be fixed
    • Discuss about hardware enablement, and how to speed up things

Validation and CI

  • LAVA:
    • Discuss how to properly validate the image
    • Viability to test boot loaders
    • Pre-built images and caching
    • Merge of current test cases
    • Understand the new cloud effort, and see if that could be used to validate the cross toolchain
  • Toolchain:
    • Get feedback about the sysroot, and understand what needs to be done to automate the build process
    • Discuss about the test validation for toolchain, and how they are planning on enabling it at LAVA
    • Fixes the cross toolchain packages, and backporting them to previous releases, using the PPA
  • Kernel Pkg CI:
    • Present the work done for all the landing teams
    • Discuss how the packaging trees will be maintained
    • Check if there is a better way to track the config changes
    • Future steps to pre-validate the build before pushing it to LAVA (using cross build, jenkins and lava)

Cross Build

  • Cross build support:
    • Properly document how to set up the cross builder
    • Get feedback from developers, and discuss how it could be improved
    • Understand and discuss current issues, for future planning


  • Useful LAVA QA tracker for 12.02
  • Replace Offspring with jobs at Jenkins
  • One kernel enabled kernel tree building and booting on at least 2 different boards
  • Get progress at Unity 3D, and enable the needed patch at Compiz, also enabling latest Unity 3D

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