Hacking Sessions for Linaro Connect Q1.12

During all the week, we'll be having hacking sessions during the whole afternoon. The goal is to work on long stand issues and bugs for the different platforms we support.

Besides the usual dev platform work, we'll be also sharing hacking sessions with each Landing Team, to work specifically at bugs related with a specific board. This is a great opportunity to understand better the issues and also see what we can do to fix them. Please try to be part of the hacking sessions, and make it useful.

Topics to be covered during the week

  • Hacking session with each LT (responsible: whole team)

    • Evaluate current issues and how it can be improved
    • Go over the bug list, and better understand how they can be fixed
    • Request feedback and discuss about future improvements
  • Unity 3D (responsible: rsalveti and gwg)

    • Present current status
    • Discuss about future work, and what is still needed to be merged at Unity 5.2
    • Work to be done at Compiz, and if we can provide a patch to be applied at the official Ubuntu package
    • Get the most progress we can, as feature freeze is Feb 16th
  • LAVA (responsible: hrw, rsalveti, aviksil)

    • Get current test cases merged
    • Discuss about QA tracker
    • Try to come with a test case for USB enablement
    • Go over the remaining issues for the toolchain validation
  • Cross Buildd (responsible: wookey, suihkulokki)

    • Go over remaining issues
    • Set up local instance
    • Present results to people
  • Image generation (Offspring) (responsible: fabo)

    • Try to reproduce and build images using live-build and qemu
    • Set up jobs at Jenkins
    • Open bugs and ping pm215 directly to discuss about current issues
    • Compare the time needed to generate the image with Offspring
    • Also generate hwpacks using same build configurations from Offspring
  • Single kernel to rule them all (responsible: andrey)

    • Experiment with the tress
    • Check if we're able to boot at least 2 different machines with the same source tree
    • Understand what kind of issues could happen
    • Define proper process with each Landing Team (tracking branches or other solutions)
    • Face to face with each LT, making sure they understand our goal
  • Sound setup (responsible: tgall_foo, rsalveti)

    • Go over with Tom and the MWG to check what is still missing to enable it properly at our boards
    • Compare UCM config files, and try to make something useful that will also work with Pulseaudio + jack
  • Project Management/Release (responsible: dzin, fabo, rsalveti)

    • Plan how to maintain the backlog
    • Refresh current backlog blueprints

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