Working with communities.

This is a broad topic. Below is just a list of the ones that are dedicated to the boards we use. Linaro engineers are encouraged to be active here. Be social, monitor forums and offer help when asked for. Get to know people and make yourself known. Look actively for areas of mutual interest and suggest cooperation in those areas.


Supported until Nov. 30 2011.

The Beagleboard series of cards consists of Beagleboard, Beagleboard XM and the Beaglebone.

The official site for the Beagleboard community is



Both Developer and Android images are available for Pandaboard. See

The Pandaboard community has several hangouts. Try or



The Snowball people are all very cool and they can be found at



The Origen board has it’s home here:


Supported If you are interestred in i.MX53, please visit

General ARM

For general questions regarding ARM SoC thechnology, there is this site:

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