• Period: (2011-03-14 to 2012-03-20)
  • PM: Tony Mansson <tony.mansson AT linaro DOT org>

  • Past reports

Key Points for wider discussion

  • Hardware accelerated MM is now integrated on Origen.
  • 12.03 pre RC#2 have been created and tested.

Team Highlights

  • Dual-port SD-card for Lava, design is verified. ETA samples 2 weeks.
  • Verified DS-5 5.9 on Snowball. MALI 400 GPU usage is now also traced.
  • Core tests (iozone, memtester, stress) ported to Android now for all platforms.
  • Good progress on accellerated Multimedia for Snowball.
  • Progress on implementing "lava-android-test run custom" sub command in LAVA.
  • ConnectivityManager unit tests have been integrated in Android.

Bugs fixed

  • 880423 Suspend does not work on Samsung Origen.
  • 921585 We need to switch to one init.rc.
  • 954982 android build for A15x4-A7x4 fails to boot.
  • 953056 Testcase names don't match between the testcase wiki and testcase spreadsheet.


  • Nothing.


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