Key Points for wider discussion

  • android-build has been updated so we can now also LAVA test iMX53, Origen and Snowball
  • Android 2.3.7 is on for Panda, runs with issues

Team Highlights

  • Progresss on 11.11 toolchain release
  • linaro-image-tools now supports Snowball boot conventions
  • Post mortem 11.10 release completed
  • PreRC-1 11.11 release tested on member boards
  • test result tracking spreadsheets split per member
  • ath6k Origen WiFi firmware has been added to Linaro git repository

  • A device Tree BP for Samsung Origen has been created
  • Good progress on mmtest
  • Androidized 3.1 kernel boots on snowball with graphics
  • progress on SGX


  • 859896, 876598, 851006, 880161, 880157


  • cyang off Nov. 18


  • BP Integrate Audio Loopback Testing into Android and LAVA is blocked and awaiting the output of BP Basic end-to-end audio testing for ARM boards which is likely to be delayed
  • fgiffs Snowball V2 is unsupported
  • Device Tree for Origen has been postponed to the next release cycle because the kernel 3.1 postponed


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