Key Points for wider discussion

  • Toolchain build modified to generate both arm-eabi and arm-linux-androideabi toolchains

Team Highlights

  • ALmost all Team members attended Connect
  • Progress on Androidizing Snowball GLK3.1 kernel
  • Workaround created for gdbserver crash on startup
  • All board kernels generates config.gz by default
  • A bot metrics script to determine the bot's contributions to gerrit done
  • Solution to LAVA test iMX53, Origen and Snowball on review
  • Progress on video recording bug
  • libpng 1.5.5 integration issues solved
  • Android builds on tool chain tip build
  • Progress on linphone on panda.


  • New members Amit Pundir and Prashanth Srinivasan


  • Slow progress on "Build the Non-Proprietary Igloo Android A Release with Linaro Tools"


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