Key Points for wider discussion

  • 8 engineers are now on board and operative in the Android Platform Team.
  • LT/Android plugfests are all running and seem to be speeding up integration
  • We'd like all teams to ensure that what their doing is always included in our daily Android builds in support of our switch to a continuously integrated flow.

Team Highlights

  • "Include Busybox in Android Builds" for Panda and Beagle boards is ongoing.
  • Team members are setting up build and work environments.
  • The Quickstart guide ( has been updated.

  • A multimedia test script with CPU usage coverage is ongoing.
  • A HDMI issue in TI 2.6.39 Kernel has been fixed.
  • Cooperation with Landing Teams are working well.

11.07 Android Blueprints can be found at


  • Please pull and test our daily builds:

(note: if your contribution isn't in these builds it probably won't get in for 11.07 unless you talk to me ASAP)

and our first 11.07 releases:

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