Key Points for wider discussion

Team Highlights

  • Initial support for the TI Pandaboard platform was work on this week. First tests are favourable but more work is needed. This is expected to be complete next week after a USB bug is fixed.
  • Work to add Android support to the tool which creates bootable Linaro images, linaro-media-create, was merged upstream. More work is needed to create a complete, easy to use Android install experience and the team continues to develop this functionality.
  • Lots of work happened with upstreaming Linaro changes to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) including development on audioflinger, GCC Graphite and bionic.
  • The Linaro toolchain was integrated into the Android build system.
  • Initial work on switching the Android image from using a roottarball to a boottarball was undertaken.

Upcoming Deliverables

  • None.

Risks / Issues

  • HIGH IMPACT: The recent earthquake and Tsunami in Japan has meant that work has stalled for some of the engineers. All are reported to be OK but KJ-nabe & An were worst affected as their company premises were badly hit. They may not be back for a couple of months (4 weeks).

  • HIGH IMPACT: Currently the Linaro Android efforts are based on 2.6.37 but with Linaro moving to 2.6.38 and the upstream Android 2.6.38 kernel being available some rebasing efforts will be needed. John Stultz, Patrik Ryd and others need to discuss how this can be done in the smoothest way (7 weeks). Some amount of effort will be needed but that effort is unclear at this point. Will lower level after initial investigations if necessary. Investigations have started.

  • MEDIUM IMPACT: Contribution agreements with Google for AOSP development still waiting to be approved for Alexander Sack and Patrik Ryd (5 weeks).


  • None.

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