Key Points for wider discussion

Team Highlights

Upcoming Deliverables

  • Framebuffer support to jstultz' tree
  • Beagle defconfig to jstultz' tree

Risks / Issues

  • Kenjie Watanabe states that his company committed him to work in Linaro but he currently has no time for this. Noritsuna will discuss the problem with the president of his company next week (1 week). HIGH IMPACT as we have one less engineer for the team despite that resource being allocated to Linaro.

  • Currently the Linaro Android efforts are based on 2.6.37 but with Linaro moving to 2.6.38 and the upstream Android 2.6.38 kernel being available some rebasing efforts will be needed. John Stultz, Patrik Ryd and others need to discuss how this can be done in the smoothest way (1 week). Level of impact of the rebase is set to HIGH IMPACT as some amount of effort will be needed but that effort is unclear at this point. Will lower level after initial investigations if necessary.

  • The weekly engineering reports are a little light on information which is to be expected as this is the first week they were produced. Some coaching will be needed until the required standard is met (1 week). MEDIUM IMPACT as we need to convey the Engineering work that is being done but with a little coaching this should go away.

  • is reporting an untrusted certificate when accessed, this needs investigating (1 week). Not a big deal and LOW IMPACT for now as visibility of builds is limited.


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