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This is a tool that creates test files in all formats Android is supposed to support.

It takes an input file as its parameter; that file should be any video file that has sound. The script then uses ffmpeg (tested version: 0.8 - older versions may or may not work) to convert the video and its soundtrack to all formats supported by Android.

Copy those files to an SD card.

You need a current (>= 0.8) version of ffmpeg that is built with support for libvpx (not present by default in any but the most current Linux distributions), x264, FAAC and theora. A script that builds a version of ffmpeg fulfilling those needs is included in the creator directory - run build-ffmpeg


This is the test runner - it tries to play the files generated by the creator (it expects to find them in /sdcard/mmtest/), and reports its status to adb. It is included in current Linaro Android builds; alternatively, you can build it using e.g.

android update project -p . --target android-8
ant debug

Output format is generally:


where STATUS is the status of the test ("FAIL" (test failed), "PASS" (test passed), "SKIP" (test was skipped, e.g. because the format is supported only by a newer version of Android), "ERR" (test failed, but probably because of a setup error - e.g. files not found))

TESTNAME is the name of the codec being tested

COMMENT is a human readable comment


  • Verify more metadata
  • If possible, find a way to get Android's rendering and compare it to a reference rendering
  • Integrate with LAVA


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