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Android Engineering

Getting Started

We also maintain several Android How To's as well as a list of Linaro specific links used by the team and a Library.


Our primary goals are to:

You can monitor our development roadmap efforts on launchpad.

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  • Review status of each board
    • pfefferz
      • TI
    • berolinux
      • Freescale
    • botao-sun
      • Samsung
    • fgiff
      • STE
  • Review projects
    • pfefferz
      • Demo, libjpeg-turbo, MLO, 3.0 upstream
    • patrik-ryd
      • on vacation
    • berolinux
      • multimedia tests
    • botao-sun
      • busybox
    • tony-mansson
      • PM and Launcher2
    • fgiff
      • hooking autobuilder to LAVA
    • chaoyang
      • Integrate Linaro GCC 4.6 into Android
  • Any Other Business (AOB)

Past Action items

  • None

Action Items

  • Action items that came out of this weeks meeting.

Engineers Reports

Botao Sun <botao_sun> 2011/07/06 to 2011/07/13


  • UK Business VISA application is under processing at Beijing UK embassy.
  • Made builds from source code for Panda, leb-Panda, Beagle, Linaro Android Toolchain successfully on "Hack Box" machine.
  • Busybox source code has been compiled successfully by "gcc-4.5-arm-linux-gnueabi" compiler, but failed with Linaro's toolchain ("android-toolchain-eabi-linaro-4.5-2011.06-0-2-2011-06-21_00-59-57-linux-x86.tar.bz2"). I'm discussing this issue with the technical leader of Linaro toolchain team - Mr. Michael Hope.
  • Got a general image about Samsung Origen board from Mr. Angus Ainslie, but haven't started the relevant work items.


  • Try to figure out & solve the Busybox compiling issue with our own toolchain.

  • I will get the Panda board & Samsung SMDK V310 board in next few days.

  • Discuss with Mr. Angus Ainslie for more details on Samsung Origen board & build.


  • Haven't find the root cause of Busybox compiling issue with our own toolchain. I have got the reply from Mr. Michael Hope, but he didn't provide a solution.
  • Risk for my UK business VISA application: Although my application has been submitted to Beijing UK embassy VISA application office, the staff told me that they will finish it around 2 weeks, without guarantee.
  • No Panda & Samsung Origen board (Panda & Samsung SMDK V310 board are on the way).

Zach Pfeffer <pfefferz> 2011/7/3 to 2011/7/10


  • Supported unaccelerated Snowball Android bringup and got the first leb-snowball build going in

  • Drove android-build to LAVA integration
  • Onboarded Chao Yang, Tony Mansson and Botao Sun
  • Started new MLO integration into TI 3.0 LEB
  • Reworked HDMI parsing patch to unblock 2.6.39 and TI LT kernel


  • Make the first 11.07 release
  • Finish MLO integration
  • Work on libjpeg-turbo Android integration
  • Switch upstream focused builds to jstultz 3.0 tree


  • Need to get WG's work landed early and often so it'll ship

Frans Gifford <fgiff>


  • Continued weekly hacking sessions with LT. Android builds now available for Snowball.
  • Got prototype build job working on android-build.l.o sandbox and generating JSON for validation.l.o.


  • Work with LAVA team to get tests started securely from android-build.l.o.
  • Continue work with LT to improve android on Snowball.
  • Start work on Android demo, see what does and doesn't work on Snowball.


  • Need to source a MiniUSB-A to USB-A adapter so I can connect USB hub and then keyboard to Snowball.

Tony Mansson <mansson>


  • Gearing up for PM tasks. Support by asac and Mounir.
  • Participated in 11.07 standup release meetings.
  • Installed a daily build on Beagleboard XM and fired it up.
  • Helped Zack with some PM tasks.
  • Established how to work with Mumble (Must leave the office).
  • Verifying build environment is ongoing.


  • Verify build environment by using the 11.06 release
  • Tackle the "Enable Launcher2 in Android Builds" BP


  • Manufacturing problems with Snowballs.
  • Pulled to help with Snowball verification & release of new firmware. The current 2.6.38 BSP Kernel git does not run.

  • *No* Android-on-Snowball resources available at ST-Ericsson for another three weeks.

Chao Yang <cyang>


  • Working environment setup
  • Successfully build linaro toolchain-4.5-2011.06-0, toolchain-4.6-2011.05-0, toolchain-4.6-2011.06-0.
  • Successfully build Linaro Android with toolchain-4.5-2011.06-0 and toolchain-4.6-2011.05-0
  • gcc segmentation fault found when building Linaro Android with toolchain-4.6-2011.06-0


  • Working with toolchain team to fix gcc segmentation fault issue
  • Benchmark 11.07 Toolchains


  • Pandaboard HW not received yet.

Bernhard Rosenkraenzer <bero>


  • Multimedia test extensions (esp. ffmpeg builder)
  • Built toolchains
  • Got i.MX53 related files into the tree


  • Check if i.MX53 build works; fix if it doesn't
  • Sort out test content hosting for multimedia test


  • Atrocious connectivity while doing on-site work for the day job (partially fixed)
  • i.MX53 build fails on (but succeeds on the hack box)

IRC logs

Android Kernel Meeting

Android Team Meeting

<botao_sun> OK
<pfefferz> hmmm...looks like the bot is still dead
* mounir ( has joined #linaro-meeting
<pfefferz> hello everyone
<botao_sun> hello
<bero|2> hi
<mansson> o/
<pfefferz> no chao?
<pfefferz> okay...
<pfefferz> #topic  Review status of each board
<pfefferz> #topic Review status of each board: TI
<pfefferz> one thing...
<pfefferz> mansson, would you take notes?
<mansson> OK.
<pfefferz> thanks
<pfefferz> okay, TI
* cyang (~chaoyang@linaro/cyang) has joined #linaro-meeting
<pfefferz> we have a first 11.07 ti release
<pfefferz> hi cyang 
<cyang> hi pfefferz
<cyang> Sorry to be late
<pfefferz> np
<pfefferz> its based off the 39 kernel
<pfefferz> I'm going to rev the upstream focused kernel to 3.0
<pfefferz> I'm also bring in the new MLO for the LEB which is alread on 3.0
<pfefferz> any questions?
<pfefferz> okay
<pfefferz> bero|2, hows freescale going?
<bero|2> Some progress -- the build files are there, it builds on the hackbox
<bero|2> still doesn't build on android-build for some reason (investigating)
<pfefferz> okay, does it boot?
<bero|2> and the build that succeeded is untested because I've been having connectivity problems
<pfefferz> gotcha
<bero|2> So I can't tell if it boots yet, my download is currently at around 70%
<bero|2> Next step: check if it boots and if it doesn't, fix it
<pfefferz> okay...since you're having connectivity problems
<bero|2> The build is in my userdir on the hackbox
<pfefferz> can you spin up an Ubuntu instance for compiling locally?
<bero|2> Yes, downloading that too
<pfefferz> okay cool
<bero|2> And checking why the build fails in my normal environment as well
<pfefferz> bero|2, sure....
<pfefferz> how are the hacking sessions going?
<bero|2> The first one was good, got the kernel and all
<bero|2> I couldn't get online for the 2nd scheduled one because of the connectivity issue
<bero|2> so I think it didn't happen
<bero|2> The next one should work from my side
<pfefferz> okay, cool
<pfefferz> thanks
<bero|2> with any luck I'll be back home then (and if I'm not, connectivity here is somewhat working now -- 3G access to anything, but limited to around 15 kB/s)
<pfefferz> bero|2, sure, understood
<pfefferz> any questions for bero|2 about Freescale?
<bero|2> #1 issue: need to get out of the day job ;)
<pfefferz> bero|2, :)
<pfefferz> cool
<pfefferz> #topic Review status of each board: Samsung
<botao_sun> Yes
<pfefferz> whats going on with Samsung?
<botao_sun> I talked with Angus for some details, but haven't started the hack session yet - I'm focusing on the Busybox compiling issue.
<botao_sun> He told me some issues about the Samsung board.
<pfefferz> botao_sun, okay...
<botao_sun> and told me some steps to build the source code, but I haven't started to build it.
<pfefferz> botao_sun, what code do you have?
<botao_sun> I haven't got the code yet, he gave me a link and told me I can get the code from that.
<pfefferz> botao_sun, okay..please start that task and try to get something compiling 
<botao_sun> OK.
<pfefferz> I'll give you a hand with busybox
<pfefferz> anything else with Samsung?
<botao_sun> OK, I have replied to Michael.
<botao_sun> If everything goes well, I will get the Samsung board in next few days.
<pfefferz> botao_sun, okay
<pfefferz> Review status of each board: STE
<pfefferz> fgiff, how's it going?
<fgiff> We have a build on android-build.l.o now
<fgiff> Mathieu had problems loading the uInitrd, so he's used an older kernel to boot android.
<pfefferz> fgiff, were you able to use it?
<fgiff> I've booted the kernel and uInitrd, but had problems mounting the rootfs. I'll look more later.
<fgiff> Mathieu also reported some problems with the display, so he's investigating that with help from STE
<pfefferz> fgiff, okay cool
<pfefferz> anything else on STE? any one have any questions?
<pfefferz> the goal for 11.07 is to have a build in android-build
<pfefferz> that can be programmed with linaro-android-media-create
<pfefferz> hopefully the build will come up with at least display
<pfefferz> but if it just boots that'll be okay...
<pfefferz> if that target isn't in your board bps please add it
<pfefferz> #action group: update BPs with 11.07 final milestones
<pfefferz> #topic Review projects
<pfefferz> #topic Review projects: Demo, libjpeg-turbo, MLO and 3.0 upstream
<pfefferz> #topic Review projects: Demo
<pfefferz> we've got to get 2 demos together by Cambridge 
<pfefferz> a side by side demo and another Android demo
<pfefferz> I need to check if they want 2 demos
<pfefferz> Frans is slated to run the demo
<pfefferz> #topic Review projects: libjpeg-turbo
<pfefferz> this is in support of the demo, apparently there's a 2x speedup
<pfefferz> so that would give a good demo
<pfefferz> #topic Review projects: MLO
<pfefferz> compiled it and now pointing the manifest to it
<pfefferz> #topic Review projects: 3.0 upstream...
<pfefferz> pointing the manifest to it
<pfefferz> any questions?
<pfefferz> #topic Review projects multimedia tests
<pfefferz> bero?
<bero|2> Any issues we're supposed to expect for boards etc.?
<bero|2> Re earlier question: Just wondering if we should be aware of any breakages for boards when we switch to 3.0 upstream
<pfefferz> bero|2, I'm not sure
<bero|2> Re multimedia tests: Pretty much done except LAVA integration
<pfefferz> bero|2, once we break things we'll have to fix um
<bero|2> We also have a script that builds a current ffmpeg with all required options enabled
<pfefferz> bero|2, cool
<bero|2> So more people should be able to check it out now
<pfefferz> bero|2, are the multimedia tests integrated with the build?
<pfefferz> bero|2, and getting built?
<bero|2> No, currently it's a separate application that you can install on existing builds
<bero|2> But adding it should be fairly easy
<pfefferz> okay, please add a WI to add it to the manifests
<bero|2> Just not sure if we should put it into default builds, given the data files will be rather large?
<pfefferz> bero|2, ...hmmm
<pfefferz> bero|2, good point..
<pfefferz> bero|2, do the data files have to ride along?
<pfefferz> bero|2, or can you seperate them from the app
<bero|2> No, but if they don't, there will be an application that simply does nothing (might confuse customers?)
<pfefferz> bero|2, okay...for the app, woulde you add a notification box that customers will see if the try and load the build without the files?
<pfefferz> bero|2, and gives them a pointer to a page with info on where to get them
<pfefferz> ?
<bero|2> sure
<pfefferz> cool
<Dr_Who> pfefferz: one note on libjpeg-turbo, if you've seen the performance numbers I've collected on linux I haven't witnessed a 2x performance improvement
<bero|2> that shouldn't be a problem
<pfefferz> Dr_Who, okay...lets chat
<Dr_Who> np
<pfefferz> Dr_Who, thanks for the clarification
<pfefferz> hang on a sec...
<pfefferz> okay...
<pfefferz> anything else on MM test?
* jamestunnicliffe has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
<pfefferz> okay
<pfefferz> #topic Review projects: busybox
<botao_sun> yes
<pfefferz> botao_sun, anything else about busy box
<pfefferz> ?
<pfefferz> I saw michaels note
<botao_sun> It's currently blocked by compiling with our own toolchain.
<botao_sun> Yes, but his notes looks strange.
<pfefferz> sure...
<botao_sun> He said that there should be a "sysroot", but nothing there.
* robher has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
<pfefferz> botao_sun, yeah...he's thinking typical linux
<pfefferz> botao_sun, not Android
<pfefferz> botao_sun, have you compiled it against the Android tree?
<pfefferz> with the Android headers that ship
<bero|2> I've used busybox on "normal" Linux a lot in previous projects, so I'm rather familiar with the code - if it does something odd I may be able to help.
<botao_sun> No, I don't think so. I just download the Busybox source and try to compile with our toolchain.
<pfefferz> okay
<pfefferz> you'll need to pull it into and Android build
<pfefferz> then you should find the missing headers
<pfefferz> in the Android tree
* zyga is now known as zyga-afk
<pfefferz> bero|2, let me add you to this thread
<botao_sun> You mean I need to build Busybox "with" the entire Android platform?
<pfefferz> yes
<botao_sun> OK, let me try.
<pfefferz> since wi'll want to do that
<botao_sun> Yes
<pfefferz> add some action items to build it against the Android source, integrate it into the manifest, build it, etc...
<botao_sun> no problem.
<pfefferz> cool
<pfefferz> anything else on busybox?
<botao_sun> nothing
<pfefferz> okay
<pfefferz> #topic Review projects PM and Launcher2
<pfefferz> #announce
<botao_sun> I have forwarded my email to bero|2
<pfefferz> Tony is going to be doing some program management work for the Android team
<pfefferz> if you see emails from him asking for status etc...
<pfefferz> please respond...
<pfefferz> the rest of us with multiple hats
<pfefferz> he's also goign to look at Launcher2 integration
<pfefferz> any status on either of those Tony?
<mansson> I have looked at the problem.
<mansson> First step is to get a solid build environment. Still some issues. ST-Ericsson is deserted so I must use you guys for support if possible.
<pfefferz> sure...
<pfefferz> you can use the hackbox
<pfefferz> send your ssh key to asac
<pfefferz> he'll get you going
<mansson> ok.
<pfefferz> I can test an image once it all works in the builder
<mansson> Great.
<pfefferz> anything else on the builder?
<pfefferz> sorry, that didn't make sense
<pfefferz> anything else with PM or Launcher2?
<mansson> No.
<pfefferz> #topic Review projects hooking autobuilder to LAVA
<pfefferz> how's this going fgiff?
<fgiff> The data for lava is generated on the build server
<fgiff> I just need to pass it to lava.
<pfefferz> cool...
<fgiff> I was worried about authentication, but it turns out you can submit anonymously
<fgiff> so that should be enough to get started with.
<pfefferz> fgiff, 
<pfefferz> paul offered to have an integration session
<pfefferz> if you need it
<pfefferz> may want to get pfalcon in there too
<pfefferz> anything else?
<fgiff> ok
<pfefferz> #topic Review projects  Integrate Linaro GCC 4.6 into Android
<pfefferz> chao, make sure each seg fault becomes a WI in your BP
* joey has quit (Quit: Coyote finally caught me)
<pfefferz> and make sure you file a bug for each seg fault
<cyang> OK.
<pfefferz> with as much data as you can get
* mattwaddel ( has joined #linaro-meeting
<pfefferz> then talk to kurt...
<pfefferz> if you can organize it well 
<pfefferz> then we can get through each issue...
<pfefferz> okay?
<cyang> The segmentation happens on several files, I think they are due to the same root cause
<pfefferz> okay...then we only need one bug
<pfefferz> cyang, good work getting to this point
<cyang> Yes, I have been working with ken on this issue
* joey (~joey@ has joined #linaro-meeting
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* joey (~joey@linaro/pdpc.professional.joey) has joined #linaro-meeting
<pfefferz> cool
<cyang> and he raised a bug for it
<pfefferz> great
<cyang> Thanks
<pfefferz> anythign else?
<cyang> Another issues with gcc 4.6 stricter checking rules
<pfefferz> cyang, right...
<cyang> I modified the files in dbus to remove the build errors
<cyang> and generate a patch
<pfefferz> cool...
<pfefferz> cool...
<pfefferz> lets get that patch upstream
<pfefferz> into AOSP
<pfefferz> I'll help you
<pfefferz> :)
<cyang> Great. I don't know the process to do that. Thanks for your help
<pfefferz> okay...
<pfefferz> remember...the boards are a priority
<cyang> boards?
<cyang> Panda board?
<pfefferz> sorry...switched topics
<pfefferz> cyang, lets go back
<pfefferz> cyang, anything else on GCC?
<cyang> I have not received the panda board yet
<cyang> When do you suppose it will arrive?
<pfefferz> okay, I'll check with Arwen again
<cyang> Cool, thanks
<cyang> Nothing more from me
<pfefferz> cool
<pfefferz> #topic Any Other Business (AOB)
<pfefferz> one thign from me,
<pfefferz> remember the priority is getting support for these boards  in whatever form out the door...
<pfefferz> its not an easy task, and I appreciate everyones work to navigate the LTs, Linaro, etc...
<pfefferz> if you're blocked email me and start reaching out to people...
<pfefferz> since support for these boards is their priority too
<pfefferz> that's it from me...
<pfefferz> anyone else?
<pfefferz> okay
* robher (~robher@ has joined #linaro-meeting
<pfefferz> thanks everyone I'll be going through the issues and helping everyone
<pfefferz> #endmeeting
<botao_sun> thanks.
<cyang> thanks pfefferz

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