• Follow up on last week's actions
    • John to ping AmitK on power mgmt interface
    • Noritsuna to send John virtual battery driver patch
    • John to cherry pick patches from how-to-porting into linaro+android git tree
  • Discuss anything new for this week.


<jstultz_vm> 20 minutes after, and no joiners.

platform meeting

11:02 <Mootbot-UK> Meeting started at 10:02. The chair is asac.
11:03 <Mootbot-UK> LINK received:
11:07 <Mootbot-UK> New Topic:  android_kernel
11:21 <Mootbot-UK> ACTION received:  asac to follow up on kernel with jstultz
11:26 <Mootbot-UK> ACTION received:  kjnabe to contribute framebuffer support back to jstultz tree
11:26 <Mootbot-UK> ACTION received:  kjnabe to contribute beagle defconfig to jstultz tree
11:28 <Mootbot-UK> New Topic:  beagle support
11:36 <Mootbot-UK> ACTION received:  kjnabe, noritsuna and co to contribute a virtual battery driver to jstultz tree
11:42 <Mootbot-UK> ACTION received:  jserv-- and jeremychang to confirm that battery support works well and then backout our battery HACK from
11:53 <Mootbot-UK> ACTION received:  patrik_ to explore options to get artifacts on sdcard - either dd ext4 .img or backport tarball support
11:57 <Mootbot-UK> New Topic:  panda support
12:00 <Mootbot-UK> ACTION received:  jeremychang to bring up device/linaro/pandaboard
12:09 <Mootbot-UK> New Topic:  toolchain
12:10 <Mootbot-UK> ACTION received:  patrikryd to setup toolchain/gcc toolchain/binutils and toolchain/manifest on
12:13 <Mootbot-UK> ACTION received:  luse to investigate how to build android toolchain all-static
12:19 <Mootbot-UK> New Topic:  benchmark framework
12:42 <Mootbot-UK> ACTION received:  asac jserv-- jeremychang and plars to sort out testing framework story for android
12:42 <Mootbot-UK> New Topic:  git contribution infrastructure
12:43 <Mootbot-UK> Meeting finished at 11:44.
12:43 <Mootbot-UK> Logs available at

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