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Actions from Past Meetings

  • asac to connect noritsuna and friends to john stultz
  • noritsuna and team to document kernel research in
  • 0xlab to cherry pick android patches from gcc 4.6/trunk and apply them to 4.5; if those don't enable GOT, file a bug
  • jeremychang to submit 0xbench branch to patrikryd for inclusion in
  • patrikryd to cleanup current specs for 11.05 with asac
  • patrikryd to help jserv-- draft a wiki page on linaro toolchain 4.5 spec
  • jserv-- to write up his toolchain plan in a small spec
  • noritsuna to help OESF folks to join IRC meeting next time
  • noritsuna and friends to work of the .37 dev/ branch from jstultz
  • noritsuna and team to submit a beagle omap3_defconfig for .37



11:05 <Mootbot-UK> Meeting started at 10:05. The chair is asac.
11:06 <Mootbot-UK> LINK received:
11:06 <Mootbot-UK> New Topic:  New Participant Introductions
11:20 <Mootbot-UK> New Topic:  Actions from past meetings
11:24 <Mootbot-UK> ACTION received:  noritsuna and team to document kernel research in
11:38 <Mootbot-UK> ACTION received:  asac to help unblock binutils problem identified by 0xlab
11:46 <Mootbot-UK> ACTION received:  patrikryd to setup official linaro- branch based on gingerbread tag
11:47 <Mootbot-UK> ACTION received:  patrikryd and jserv-- to come up with process/policy on how we deal with master ... and if regularly merging there might 
                   help our likelyhood that patches get accepted upstream
11:57 <Mootbot-UK> ACTION received:  jserv-- and patrikryd to discuss the pro and cons of various tag base approaches and take a decision (and document that)
11:58 <Mootbot-UK> LINK received:
11:59 <Mootbot-UK> ACTION received:  asac to nail down git spec and create blueprint etc.
12:10 <Mootbot-UK> ACTION received:  jeremychang to create top level android Benchmark overview page:
12:10 <Mootbot-UK> ACTION received:  jeremychang to draft a spec on
12:11 <Mootbot-UK> ACTION received:  OESF to submit beagle defconfig to jstultz
12:17 <Mootbot-UK> ACTION received:  jeremychang to discuss test/benchmark frameworks (abrek vs. esuit) with plars
12:19 <Mootbot-UK> New Topic:  Status updates
12:23 <Mootbot-UK> New Topic:  AOB
12:25 <Mootbot-UK> Meeting finished at 11:25.
12:25 <Mootbot-UK> Logs available at

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