Benchmark Results

About the Benchmarks

The Android Platform team is currently performing benchmarks of toolchains at the end of each monthly engineering cycle. There are a few goals for this testing:

  1. compare month-to-month changes in performance of latest toolchain.
  2. see the effects of optimization flags such as -O3

  3. compare toolchains to one another. ie "how does 4.6 compare with 4.5".

There is currently on-going work with the benchmarking to:

  • improve quality/consistency of results
  • automate the benchmarking in LAVA

  • add new benchmarking tests
  • improve existing benchmarking tests

Downloading Unofficial Linaro Toolchains

Go to the website:

Then search for "toolchain". It will list images you can download such as:

Generating The Benchmark Results

This can be found in the benchmark's README file

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