This series of meetings is now obsolete


  • Preparations to move this meeting into the general weekly Android sync-up meeting led by David Zinman.
  • Amit: The plan is to have cpuidle going into three boards for 12.01
  • mansson to continue pushing the Daniel/NDA issue.


  • onsite Android power feedback
  • cpu_idle
  • common clock
  • platform/wg meeting?
  • Notes
    • AI: Mounir: will send firmware and license to Danilo
    • pfefferz has been subscribed to cpu_idle BP
    • AI: Mounir: will talk to Amit about actively engaging the Android team wrt power changes


mounir-bsaibes and pfefferz present.

  • Powertutor
    • Will be extending this tool
  • Full-idle?
    • Will follow up with Tony
  • Power-testing in LAVA
  • Mounir
    • Fixing cpu_idle
    • Going to common clock
      • Will be pushing out common clock to the various platforms


mansson and amitk present.

  • The session SCHED_MC FULL IDLE SUPPORT FOR ANDROID was rescheduled to Thu 11:00 so that Vincent can participate remotely.
  • Discussion about cpuidle. This is available for Panda on an "unclean" tree but is expected to go into mainline kernel 3.2.
  • Tony and Amit will synch up monday or tuesday at Connect.




Full idle

  • PM is upstreaming Freescale for Oct (pending upstream)
  • Will start on STE, need hardware, Daniel Lezcano
  • TI's is not upstreamable, Andy's got an implementation
  • May start working on Samsung in the next few months, next year
  • iMX6
  • Need a better BSP



  • powertop, ncurses and libnl branching strategy
  • Powerdebug, will it be in 11.10?
  • Bugs, #824517 anything PMWG can do?

No meeting took place.



  • Follow-up on sched_mc
  • Discussion: Platform and WG interaction and process.


Link to all 11.09 BPs:

PM WG sched_mc BP:

Android Platform sched_mc BP:

PMWG git tree: git://

PMWG monthly milestone:


Currently worked on by Vincent Guittot. He is using ST-Ericsson HREF and internal s/w due to this being better kernel with cpuidle and better h/w with probe points. Status pending tree migration between nicos and jstulz's trees. Seemed to be stalled. Discussion regarding Upstreaming process followed. The resulting work consists of a single patch plus config options. However, it is depending on cpu_idle for useful results else these get lost in the noise.

Action: Amit follow up with John Rigby for Kconfig.

Action: Amit follow up with John Stultz for getting sched_mc in.

Action: Tony to Transition patches from ST-E tree into Linaro mainline.

Action: Tony to Again investigate possibilities for makin Android App for both powertop and ched_mc tuning.

Zach raised that it is important that instrumentation details (including schematics) is documented. Amit ensured that they are part of the delivery.

Action: Amit to make delivery according to plan to

Note fpr PMWG PM: is lacking "Acceptance" criteria.


Long discussion on process followed. The use of BPs. Upstreaming procedure. The value of staging features in builds while they are in transit.

Zach emphazised that early delivery to platforms enables other stakeholders and users (community) to use and test features before they get upstreamed. Upstreaming is a process with no deadline. It is not realisic to base a process on instant acceptance of (ARM) features. Upstreaming is Linaros mission but opportunity for members to exploit progress imediately is important and not in conflict with upstreaming. "Linaro is always about the next thing".

Amit argued that the monthly release scheme did not work well for WGs and long-lasting efforts. Definition of "done" - is it first attempt to upstream or is it acceptance?

Action: David to Clarify how the work process for WGs can be aligned to the monthly release scheme, and see if anything needs to be changed or just explained. Need definition of how to deliver through the monthly cycle for this class of work.

  • dzinman: discussed with asac who informs that this issue is currently a topic under discussion. I will be involved as an observer as the discussion progresses.

Action: Tony to find a good place for these meeting notes: DONE


Notes And Action Items

Plan for landing sched_mc and thermal management

sched_mc going into 3.1 (Russell) upstream

Vincent Guittot is going to land this (going on vacation, Amit Kucheria)

Can enable this in sysfs

Will open integration blueprints for jstultz's tree for sched_mc and thermal management

Will need to include docs at the end of the cycle


Notes and Action Items

[linaro-pm-wg] Enable sched_mc in the Panda-LEB build and show that it works: TODO First version posted to the list. Second version posted

AI: Will send patch over to Andy and/or John AI: Zach will send a email to David Brown

* Power debug in 11.07 * Thermal management.


Action Items

* AI: Zach: Get QC power contacts * AI: Amit: Enable schedmc in the Android TI kernel for 11.06

* asac: For the future can you try and implement something every month

  • amit: breakdown into

* 11.07 - powertop, powerdebug on Android

* benchmarks

  • Android LEBs, forbidden
  • deltas allowed

* AI: amit: follow up on power benchmarks

* Possible

  • video
  • audio
  • browser
  • suspend current, CPU is down, DRAM is in self refresh
    • one floating io can cause 30 mA
    • bootloader and resume are issues

* Andy

* AI:

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