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The Linaro User Platform is responsible to assemble, maintain and release test- and UI-heads based on top of the Linaro Core; the heads produced enable vendors, downstreams and development groups to efficiently validate and whocase their hardware and drivers using full software stack matching common production stacks (like meego, limo, ubuntu unity).

By maintaining full user experience stack, the user platform also drives middleware efforts through demand from real life software stacks. This top-to-bottom approach ensures that development efforts are invested where they are of most short term use for the overall ARM linux ecosystem. Initial areas covered by User Platform include the ARM Graphics Stack (with and without X) as well as telephony for linux ARM netbook as well as potential hansets. Future efforts among others will also focus on GPS as well as powermanagement middleware.


Weekly Status

Our weekly status review meeting is held on #linaro-meeting (IRC) at 1400 UTC


User Platforms maintains a couple of imaging profiles, also known as heads. The table below lists the currently worked on image profiles and links then to download locations for lastest release, milestone and daily downloads.

Image Head

Latest Stable Release

Latest Development Milestone




Linaro-M Alpha-3






See Platform/UserPlatforms/Heads for a list of all available and worked on Heads.

On the Linaro platform User Platforms unit focusses mainly on:

Working Groups

Toolchain Working Group

The toolchain working group deals with all aspects of system-level tools - the core development toolchain (compiler, assembler, linker, debugger), emulation, profiling and analysis (oprofile, performance events) and instrumentation (ftrace).

Looking for binaries? Pre-built versions that run on generic Linux or Windows are available at . Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick) and later include pre-built versions of the toolchain. Try running apt-get install gcc-arm-linux-gnueabi.


For historic releases please see or, for even more historic releases, try searching .

Launchpad Projects

Team Activities

Release Schedule

Releases are made on the third to last Thursday of each month.

The upcoming releases are listed from Cycles.

Note: that the toolchain cycle is two weeks ahead of the main cycle.

Past Members

  • Andrew Stubbs
  • Åsa Sandahl
  • Ken Werner
  • Michael Hope
  • Mounir Bsaibes
  • Ramana Radhakrishnan
  • Revital Eres
  • Rusty Russell
  • Thiago Bauermann
  • Ulrich Weigand
  • Chung-Lin Tang
  • Dave Gilbert
  • Ira Rosen
  • Julian Brown
  • Revital Eres
  • Richard Sandiford
  • Yao Qi
  • Zach Welch

Launchpad projects

Downloads, specifications, bugs and more are tracked in Launchpad, under the Linaro Toolchain project.


All pages:


See the main Linaro Connect site for more.

Power Management

Linaro power management team aims to bring consistency and to reduce fragmentation of power management solutions in the Arm SoC-Linux ecosystem. Members of this team collaborate with open source Linux community, Arm and other member companies to understand diverse requirements pertaining to power management solutions and actively tries to bridge the gap between conflicting solutions.

The team primarily offers comprehensive solutions to complex problems surrounding power management frameworks, thermal management frameworks and scheduler in Linux kernel. The team also works on testing infrastructure and tools required to evaluate and optimize performance and power consumption of the SoCs. On need basis, the members get involved in other parts of the software stack to accomplish to optimize power and performance.

Some of the key areas where Linaro Power Management team Engineers are currently involved in Linux Kernel are: -

Energy Aware Scheduler (EAS)

  • EAS aims to make power-performance control more centralized in Linux Kernel with the scheduler being the primary driver for power-performance decisions. For details, click here : Energy Aware Scheduler (EAS)

Power Management Frameworks

  • Linux kernel power management frameworks include :-
    • Runtime PM

      GenPD (Generic Power Domain)

      CPU Freq

      CPU Idle

      Voltage Management and Regulator Framework

Thermal Management

  • Linux Kernel thermal management frameworks include thermal sensors, thermal governor, cooling devices, thermal zones and trip points. To learn more about Linaro's work in these areas, click here: Thermal Management

Other initiatives by this team includes

  • DynamIQ Development

    Power management Farm

    • Linaro power team maintains a farm to aid in build, sanity, performance and power testing of various arm platforms.

      For more info on the various initiatives that are part of PMWG farm, click here: PMWG Farm

    Tools and other solutions

    • Linaro provides tools for simulating workloads and debugging various power management frameworks in Linux for Arm Socs. To learn more about these tools, click here: Tools

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