• re-intro: what is star rating about
  • whats the way forward with least resistance
  • timelines; monthly steps for rollout
  • manual vs. automation
  • tools for QA to star rating.

re-intro: what is star rating about

star many aspects:

  • that the star rating quick overview of what the board status is of a given LEBs
    • what hardware components work (stable, hardware component should be supported
    • how good are they working
      • is it supported (by kernel/driver)
      • is it integrated (by LEB stack)
      • performance and stability (SDcard throughput, GLES performance; MM performance - zero copy working?)
  • quick idea whether a board qualifies for our LEB criterias
    • LEB supposed to give product builders a head start in product quality
    • criteria are regularly defined by Platform and might be a moving target (the bar goes up)
    • reasonable are unreastic goals
  • should amount stars always give you and idea whether LEB criteria are met or visualized?
    • asac: prefers that star rating calc stays stable and that visualization is done with different means
  • star rating should be calculated by an underlying formular that derives the rating from an actual test result matrix
    • could also be calculated from an already condensed matrix that gives info which components are supported
  • visualization - three levels
    • 1st. star rating on the highlevel who
    • 2nd. you have a matrix giving quick info in a visual compelling about what components are working and not
    • 3rd. level there would be breakdown of the actual tests that are used to determin whether components are supported or not

Questions: (Platform/DevPlatform/Specs/Oneiric-UbuntuLEBStarRating/Results)

  • do we want to talk about board components or features?
    • maybe we need a tree
    • components -> middleware features -> UI features

How do come up with a common way to calculate star ratings?

  • we cannot really compare chips one by one, because there might different chips or different amount of chips that support a given feature
  • star rating probably need to be calculated from feature ratings somehow
    • e.g. video output score on panda = 3.5 out of 5 because DVI is support, but HDMI is not

how do we get to a star rating?

  1. make a complete list of chips and SoC components on the board
  2. make a complete list of drivers that are available (not working/working?) in each kernel tree
  3. a few levels of tests
    1. does the driver detect the hardware (sysfs)
    2. does the driver work (might be needed to fill up over time)
    3. does the driver work well (thats even more advanced)
  4. document the high level features that would be supported

ACTION: asac to reschedule for tuesday ACTION: hrw to send mail to landing teams for getting compolete list of chips and SoC components on board.

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