post mortem 11.04

what worked?

  • James W.:
    • we had a release
  • Fathi:
    • release in time
    • all the important folks were there to help;
    • testing images, but fixes and helping to get bug fixes
  • Ricardo (ubuntu):
    • generally the release went well
    • on time, right day
    • all hwpacks worked and the last available were released; only one hwpack was not the latest
    • good participating in testing and bug fixing.
    • late fixes on build infrastructure was good to get in
    • team building experience was positive during release preparations
    • most features we expected were there; like leb-panda-x11 hwpacks; etc. and beagle were available
  • Zach:
    • pretty much pandroid with AOSP mix; leb-panda working; got to start somewhere; keeps us going
    • build servers works
    • build works, basic deliverables were done; toolchain unfortunately not
    • QA results are not on 11.05 page

What didn't work?

  • Zach:
    • toolchain stuff will be tricky
    • announcement process needs a central place where everything is colocated
      • builds, install instructions, release notes, test notes were not available for RC
  • Fathi:
  • processes where not clear at all
  • testing for boards etc. isnt there.

how to improve

  • Final page from above and release material should be done at RC build time
  • release notes should be more automatically created or more live data filled up during the release
  • release page should be better structured to catch eyes on first look and be excited
    • Feature section on the release page; detailed release notes linked from the artifacts still
  • QA
    • make test results prominently available/linked for each release artifacts
    • for distribution builds we can have star rating on the main download page and that links to the detailed results and calculation
  • highlights
    • highlights should be on top of final
  • getting highlights for components and work items
    • ensure that WGs deliver their components with release notes that explicitley mention zero or more highlights; our develop highlights should always give a one line summary about component versions in the release.
  • freeze times
    • for android gerrit will allow us to do reasonable mini-freezes with whoever is responsible not giving a +2 and we will not need branches hopefully
    • candidate working group/landing team build goes out
  • board testing
    • for non-leb boards tests must be done by sponsors or volunteers
    • board sponsorship
    • ACTION: fabo to start a spreadsheet on sponsors and testers
  • bug escalation process
    • current process
      • for each proposed release blocker linaro-release should be subscribed
      • release team accepts bug to the milestone of the release
      • release team assigns to team lead and lead can reassign to proper folks
      • ACTION: from now we assign to team
      • ACTION: fabo to document bug escalation process and socialise it by sending email to linaro-dev
  • milestone name mismatch or non-existing
    • ACTION: fabo to check with michaelhope if he has milestones we can use for targetting release critical bugs.
    • james and paul are fine with using our monthly milestones for validation
  • burn down for WGs
    • 11.05-wg-delivery milestone (not a release)
    • ACTION: asac to ensure that this is included in the new monthly releases slides
  • powermanagement matrix table for helping calculating star rating
    • someone needs to drive this for other working groups
    • graphics WG should be able to say what to test to say that linux/X11 works well on a board
    • multimedia WG should be able to start something
    • ACTION: zach to start this discussion with kiko
  • hwpack feature update short before release
    • problem zero: all this was late and really tight before the release and should have been done earlier
      • its unavoidable that we push stuff in late if we move to monthly release cycles
      • first time we already; i replace worked;
    • problem one: a) we couldn't produce SGX hardware packs; already was a late coming bug
    • problem two: c) we have no staging for testing hwpack change landings on release infrastructure and test them
    • problem three: b) we had no infrastructure to test the roll out of new linaro-image-tools needed to allow hwpacks to be produced
    • LEARNED:
      • during release week; all changes must be approved by release team
      • release team has to review the whole rollout process of that change and if identifies steps in that rollout that cannot be tested, refuse it
    • the concrete issue should in future have two consequences:
      1. create a test branch for hwpack description changes
      2. create offspring mechanism to test roll out of linaro-image-tools without affecting official hwpack builds.
      3. ACTION: james to ensure that those mechanisms are in place
      4. ACTION: james to move over to by next week.
      5. ACTION: fathi to submit request for and james to help get that in place for this release month
  • star-rating:
    • we should get something out for this month
    • ACTION: asac to set up call this week with ricardo, marcin and himself.

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