Minutes from asac/fabo sync call meeting 2011-06-01

  • BPs needs clean up after 11.05 release (update series goal, milestone target, etc...). kiko should say if he wants to clean up the WG BPs. We should cover Platform parts.
  • [ACTION] fabo to contact mounir/deepak about: http://status.linaro.org/natty/blocked.html issue.

  • [ACTION] asac/fabo to discuss with rsalveti about 11.06 release date.
    • [RISK] 11.06 release day conflicts with Ubuntu Rally in Dublin.
    • [RISK] 11.06 release date should be written in stone (sooner is better). it prevents to communicate the choosen date.
  • Release tarball artifacts should be on Launchpad (U-Boot, powerdebug, etc...).
    • [ACTION] fabo to write a mail about 11.06 release day decision, including a reminder for released tarball required.
  • PM/RM hiring ongoing; 2 candidates applied for the position.
    • [ACTION] fabo to schedule an interview call with the candidates on week 23.
  • Bug triaging related to Ubuntu is problematic as fabo lacks of permissions.
    • [ACTION] fabo to contact kstewart to get bug control permission and attend to the weekly Ubuntu release meeting.
  • [ACTION] asac to discuss with mhope about cortex-strings future. Any plans to update?

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