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    Office of the CTO Weekly Report

    Team Highlights

    • ARMHF
      • 12.02 : the integration with LAVA was not possible since there are still no LEB images produced - new target is 12.03. There is a risk that this move will affect the completion of benchmarks for ARMHF - pushing it for completion to 12.04
      • Debian archive is now at 92% (dropped slightly over the past weeks due to transitioning of many packages). Details over the progress in the archive armhf porting can be visualised at https://buildd.debian.org/stats/graph-week-big.png

        • The biggest issues in Debian archive in the past week have been
          • out of memory errors in the builders for debian (perhaps something wrong with chromium or gcc)
          • haskell is the main component transitioning now (following massive ghc uploads, in early February), lots of dependencies on haskell-devscripts
          • libreoffice
      • Ubuntu: Apart from the dependencies mentioned for Debian, there was also qt-webkit failing lately (also failing on armel builds for Precise)
    • big.LITTLE followup: Loic has been pushing to get all the documents to https://wiki.linaro.org/Internal/Projects/Big.Little.Switcher

    • ARM Server : The LTR for the server is being worked upon by David
    • Device tree. Need to clarify how much Linaro continues to do in the Kernel WG. Had a discussion with the TSC, support existing members. Need to ensure new ports 'do the right thing'
    • Friends of OCTO mailing list established (friendsofocto@linaro.org)

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