Office of the CTO Weekly Report

Team Highlights

  • ARMHF:
    • Debian: 67 % of the archive built (, chasing/fixing up ~140-180 build failures now. Still bootstrapping, ~6400 packages built, 1650 in the build-queue and ~1200 in bd-uninstallable (ie their build-dependencies haven't been satisfied yet to enter the needs-build queue). Estimated to need a week or two more

    • Ubuntu - the email from Mathias Klose (thread in linaro-dev) describes well the status for Ubuntu armhf build. Emphasis on the issues which Matthias raised:

      • compilers not completely built yet
      • packaging mentioning armel only not armhf
      • hardfloat issues needing porting work
  • ARM Server
    • Preparing server WG presentation to mgmt team - will start filling out some meta-blueprints for the initial work, concentrating on the kernel parts
    • Finished and discussing the first version of Server WG roadmap with updated mandate and PMWG bits
  • Starting to look into the newly released ACPI v5 specification, with the interest to look into a whitepaper on ACPI recommendations

  • Memory management:
    • As a reference for the repositories available please note the following list
      • git:// contains (for the moment) 6 branches:
        • master == unadulterated v3.2-rc5 from git://
        • linaro == unadulterated v3.2-rc4 from git://
        • cma-v17 == linaro + cma v17 patchset
        • dma-mapping-v4 == linaro + dma-mapping v4 patchset
        • android-cma-v17 == john stultz's androidization tree based upon unadulterated v3.2-rc4 + cma v17 patchset
        • android-dma-mapping-v4 == john stultz's androidization tree based upon unadulterated v3.2-rc4 + dma-mapping v4 patchset
    • There is also code on omapdrm support for drm plane (overlays) and dmabuf support, though those two trees will also become available via git://

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