Office of the CTO Weekly Report

Team Highlights

  • Brainstorming for future work projects: see the minutes from the last session

  • Related to current progress:
    • ARMHF:
      • Steve has been organising the Kernel Plumbers ARMHF BoF
      • Runtime linker detection and validation - there *is* information in the binaries to say that they are hf (run "readelf -A" on one and it will tell you how it's passing fp args, according to Steve).
      • What is left to do to get Debian fully HF: getting fully bootstrapped for the official archives of Debian and Ubuntu, which may take time to accomplish. We should be able to have an initial Ubuntu image then before the Ubuntu cut-off for the next release. Debian target is wheezy. Latest estimate is 4-7 weeks time to watch the HF builds getting done. After that stage: maintenance, bug fixing and normal image building practice.
    • Device Tree: work is almost complete - patches coming through, pretty much a done deal. Still there are some details still being discussed, especially related to UEFI, which is tackled as a separate topic in the OCTO blueprints.
    • Boot Architecture: ramping up, after Linaro Connect - see the minutes from Connect here for details. Questions arising about the solution, what we need in terms of the boot protocols, in general the work is taking off. Linaro needs to be joining the UEFI.

    • ARM server: work is being done by Loïc on the network boot, documenting what system can be used for deployment of ARM servers. Working on the issue about the interaction between old systree seeds and preseeding - which affects automatic installation of ARM servers
      • During August: Test and document a Cobbler setup
    • Project management side: monthly blueprints, plus the roadmap to monthly planning process. The OCTO agenda is mostly driven by CTO but also the CEO and others, looking at the industry and influencing powers there and working mostly on items which are not yet on the roadmap for concrete releases. The nature of the work may not be such to identify easily what effort is there, however there can be some deliverables associated. How can we monitor the work will be looked on a case by case so as to use monthly blueprints for concrete items where deliverables are in sight, and longer term blueprints for work which is experimental still in nature. In either case, visibility should be aimed for results which the end-user can try out, or which have reached the maturity to be integrated and carried as "usual work", eg the Device Tree work mentioned above. This will be set up with the team on case by case, and it means verifying each month what can come from the team for the release ahead.


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