Office of the CTO Weekly Report

Key Points for wider discussion

  • After Connect OCTO is starting to look into Future Items

Team Highlights

  • On Boot Architecture: the Connect meeting was quite useful (see minutes taken here helping to gauge the focus for the next 6 months. A number of actions are interesting

    • Add UEFI to Linaro builds and start testing/using it
    • Linaro to join UEFI
    • Investigate U-Boot runtime interface - call into U-Boot from UEFI or GRUB
    • Investigate porting UEFI as a Linux userspace application
    • Draft Device Tree Binary recommended practices
    • Next Meeting at Kernel Plumbers
  • On ArmHF: there has been interest in getting runtime identification between armel and armhf in binaries (i.e. ELF objects) - this would avoid in the future having to rebuild the universe of packages by hand. There currently is nothing we can check but that can be fixed (however it needs to happen soon). Another change that will be needed is to change the SONAME of the runtime linker - but that can be left for later. Some debate still lingers on the GNU triplet to use (for the uninitiated: dpkg relies on the triplet to identify the port) - changing the triplet again would mean rebuilding anyway everything again manually.
    • Next meeting is scheduled for Kernel Plumbers, a BoF is being organised by Steve with help from others (eg Grant Likely)
  • Not much to report from the weekly meeting - OCTO team members are now looking for the future items (definition is still ongoing). Special mention for LLVM - how can we start the work faster? Preliminary ideas can be found here:

Upcoming Deliverables

  • For 11.08:
    • ARMHF: continue the benchmarking, prepare for LAVA integration, support into the runtime linker to check on attributes (make sure we use the HF ABI) + benchmark cost of the runtime linker doing those checks. Also Ubuntu: bootstrap armhf ready for debootstrap
    • Other areas will be updating their intent during this week


  • David Rusling and Grant Likely are attending the LinuxCon North America during 17-19 Aug 2011

  • Will be discussing with OCTO the new process for planning

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