Team Highlights

  • The Memory Management group met on #linaro-mm-sig IRC channel on 20110622. There is more detailed information on the linaro-mm-sig meeting wiki page. Don't miss to read the LWN article on Contiguous Memory Allocation. The summary of the meeting:

    • Most of the discussion revolved around the large physical allocation support (aka CMA) - specifically on the CMA areas initialization, allocations being in a specific area (memory bank), handling device specific attributes. A special mention was on the stacked memory (as opposed to 100% specific to a device). Stacked memory is a small chunk of memory (64MB on a recent SoC) that has a special relationship to the multimedia fabric - faster than the rest of system memory and is usually fought over for multimedia related usage.
    • Towards the end of the meeting the discussion also touched on dma-mapping API status, as well as the participation to Linaro Connect. There are already 5 V4L2 developers interested in collocating a V4L2 brainstorming session with Linaro Connect. there might be a 6th one

    • Java is fixed - at least gcj seems to work. However immediately after that ecj started complaining. Konstantinos has nevertheless built a lot of packages for armhf - next step is to bootstrap openjdk
    • kde4libs has been failing lately, leading to not being able to have kde armhf packages ready. This was pinpointed to be due to qt4 atomics being broken on armhf, missing the patch from Ubuntu, so kde packages are now getting fixed
    • Debian has/is just undergoing a huge number of transitions now, and for debian-ports the team has to act on those manually (status is in

  • Device tree: Grant Likely has been working on bug (Only half of RAM useable when using Device Tree on Panda board). Grant is also coordinating the efforts for the Linaro Connect discussions related to device tree and boot architecture.

  • Boot architecture: Loïc Minier has started a discussion on the boot-architecture mailing list (see - trying to create a reasonable use case which 'expresses the concept of "modules" that the boot architecture would cover'.

Upcoming Deliverables

  • Expected to close some documentation work items for ARMHF and Boot Architecture during week 26
  • Bootable SD card images for armhf, for the efikas, pandaboard, trimslice, should be uploaded during week 26
  • ARMHF initial set of benchmarks should start appearing during week 26


  • David Rusling back from holiday
  • Konstantinos Margaritis is back from the Genesi sprint trip

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