Office of the CTO Weekly Report

Team Highlights

    • iMX52 boards running hf
    • Panda boards running hf
    • No benchmarks run yet
    • Finishing off Natty cross-build issues (lots of broken packages!)
      • Most patches taken by upstream
  • Device tree
    • Device Tree documentation got posted for feedback on linaro-dev
    • Boot architecture document will be out before end of wk25. Meeting is scheduled for discussing it during Linaro sprint, on August 5th, a decision will be made regarding boot architecture then.
  • ARM Server
    • XEN virtualization meeting - virtualization of ARM servers is getting fast interest. More information will be share as and when it becomes shareable.
    • "Prospective Directions for ARM Servers" draft paper sent out for comments by P. McKenney

  • AOB
    • Chrome 0S first contact

Upcoming Deliverables

  • 11.06 milestone:
    • Device tree documentation - linaro-kernel-o-devicetree
    • Wiki description of the ARM HF benchmarking activity
    • Finishing the cross boot strapping for Natty and pushing the patches upstream.


  • Next week - David Rusling on vacation, Ilias Biris on training (21June) and holiday (1 day - 24June)
  • OCTO wiki pages will undergo some updates to reflect the current reality

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