Office of the CTO Weekly Report

Key Points for wider discussion

  • Any tool related to tracking work progress during a development cycle should be sufficiently integrated to our requirements and issue management tool (Launchpad) - otherwise there will be need to handle more than 1 tool.
  • Debconf + Sprint: some contributors may be divided between the two events. We should clearly indicate who needs to be participating to the sprint to avoid confusion

Team Highlights

  • Blueprints: in place, check OCTO 11.11 schedules

  • Public plans review: material prepared (check 11.11 public plans review wiki page), comments from TSC requested

  • Highlights
    • Working on server work planning; will be like a whitepaper, might turn into a wiki page; first draft expected next week
    • Work on kernel merge window; Device Tree work went in!
    • GPIO drivers moving from arch/arm/mach-*/ to drivers/gpio/
    • PXE boot -- kexec based? Need to followup (OCTO-Grant Likely, Kernel WG - Deepak) on state of kexec to see whether we need a blueprint on this
    • Updated Java plan - read more about the Optimized Java Interpreter

  • Work items sequencing is ongoing - Ilias

Upcoming Deliverables


  • Konstantinos will be working with Genesi for next platform in San Antonio
  • Thursday 02 June, holiday for most on European side

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