* Period: 2011-05-16 - 2011-05-20

Key Points for wider discussion

  • Blueprints to be completed on launchpad for the OCTO work - should be ready for the public plans review in wk22. 11.11 plan is summarized in OCTO 11.11 Schedule wiki page

Team Highlights

  • TSC actions related to OCTO - DONE during the Linaro@UDS or tracked by the WG leads
  • Blueprints to be completed - team was asked to complete the blueprints for their work prior to the public plans review. There were also blueprints discussed prior to UDS in the OCTO mailing list, those need to be linked to the launchpad working group.
  • Hard float work is continuing after the UDS, it may be needed to setup a separate call to synchronize on the HF work as it is expanding in scope. Current status is that Konstantinos is discussing with Andrew Halley on some gcj fixes so that the java packages can be compiled; Genesi will sponsor hardware for Andrew's work to be completed.


  • New people: Konstantinos Margaritis (HF), Paul McKenney (moving out from the kernel WG), Ilias Biris

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