Office of the CTO Weekly Report

  • Period: (- 2011-03-25)


  • Device tree continues to come together. As well as enabling device tree generally, most Linaro member's platforms are moving to device tree and the changes are ready to be moved upstream. Engineers stopped working on new features but are consolidating the packaging, hwpacks etc. to deliver a good end to end experience this cycle. i.MX platforms are getting additional I2C and SPI support.
  • Server. The requirements are fairly well understood. We're at a little bit of a wait and see point, but have agreed that the Server requirements can be added into the requirements set for the next engineering cycle.
  • Validation and benchmarking. Work supporting the validation team on the design and development of LAVA continues. Focus is on finalizing the scope of 11.05 work.
  • Android and Chrome work progressing.
    • Linaro ChromiumOS build scripts were moved to Python.
    • Toolchain integration work is underway in Android
  • Bangalore TSC added more work
    • Host a call with Genivi to better understand their requirements
    • LLVM - investigate
    • Open embedded / Poky - refine requirements
  • Debian armhf bootstrapping started with new triplet
    • Goal is to provide an armhf cross-compiler and to prepare the Ubuntu toolchain sources
    • Trying to get the new triplet upstream

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